Choosing Senior Housing… Your Formula for Success

It’s important to understand that making a lifestyle change is an investment, both financially and emotionally. As with any investment, you want to do your due diligence. Many other fields of investment use formulas to help guide this research. A real estate investor looks at things like rental income, location, and down payment. A new … Continue reading


Warehousing Our Elderly

It is a national shame that in our culture we stick our elderly in warehouses called nursing homes, or assisted living or rehabilitation facilities. About twenty years big corporation recognized the huge money profits by exploiting end of life care. Many churches had not-for–profit homes to care for older people who could no longer live … Continue reading


Caregiver Hiring Strategies and Tips

Caregiver hiring is one of the most important tasks you will ever face in your life. Your loved one’s well-being depends upon your success in hiring the appropriate person or team. It is important to have a sound philosophy regarding your goals in providing care for your loved one. The fundamental cornerstones: Caregiver Hiring Cornerstones … Continue reading


Is there life after 60?

Is there life after 60? For some people approaching their retirement date is a cause for celebration – this is what they have been looking forward to for the last 40 years! But for many the move into “the third age” can be a frightening prospect. Where to live, what to do with those free … Continue reading


How To Afford Senior Housing… Know Before You Go!

In my 10 years as a senior specialist , the two questions I run into most when I’m helping people research housing are, “How much does it cost?” and, “Can I afford it?” The best way to find the answer to those two questions is my simple golden rule: “Know Before You Go.” If you … Continue reading


Eight Ways to Make a House Elder-Friendly

If you are selling a house over the next 10 or more years you need to know about a huge trend.  Many buyers are retiring.  Is the house you are selling fit for an aging buyer?  Here is a list of eight things you can do to make your house elder-friendly.  You can do some … Continue reading


How The Medicare Doughnut Hole Is Making American Seniors Sick

In 2003, Congress passed The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act into law. The crafting and passing of this bill was highly influenced by lobbyists from both the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. These groups made sure their coffers would be filled with taxpayers’ money without providing any substantial benefit to American seniors. It was … Continue reading


Seniors Living Longer – 5 Steps You Must Do Now

Of all the high priority activities you’re now doing in your life, what could be more important than those that promote your ability to increase the quality and length of your life? Here are five major steps that you must start developing now to accomplish this. There are of course some uncontrollable causes of death. … Continue reading


Crime Tips for Seniors- Stay Safe!

Everyone is responsible for fighting crime, not just the police. You can put into place common sense steps like locking doors, joining in a neighborhood watch, traveling with a friend – all can help prevent crimes to seniors. Often seniors do fear crime more than other citizens, but they actually are less likely to be … Continue reading


Visiting Gran and Gramps: Telltale Signs of Nusring Home Abuse

Almost all elderly people in the nursing homes are in such caring facility because their families are or they do not have the capacity to care for their daily needs. Being in a caring facility, assistance by all accounts should be at hand. The elderly need to be treated, not only with respect and reverence … Continue reading

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