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State Policies and the Future of Work

by Vickie Choitz January 12, 2016 What will work look like in 20 years and beyond? “Sharing economy” companies such as Uber and TaskRabbit have brought new attention to the way we work, but many of the employment transformations we’ve seen have evolved over decades. State policies can help shape whether disruptive changes to work … Continue reading

Meeting the Challenges of Aging in Public Housing

by Erica McFadden, Joanna Lucio January 15, 2016 Public-housing authorities across the country are wrestling with meeting the needs of frail seniors in need of supportive housing, where the services that elderly people need to age in place safely, independently and comfortably are readily available. The bad news is that the numbers in need of … Continue reading

Nursing Homes Bill for More Therapy Than Patients Need, U.S. Says

By ROBERT PEAR SEPT. 30, 2015 WASHINGTON — Nursing homes receive far more in Medicare payments than it costs them to provide care, exploiting the billing system in some cases by giving patients more therapy services than they need, federal investigators said in a new report. The report, to be issued on Wednesday by the … Continue reading

Dual Eligible Opt-Out Percentage High

by David Gorn Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Enrollment remains low and opt-outs remain high for the state’s duals demonstration project, particularly in duals-rich Los Angeles County. In addition, a sizable percentage of enrollees have disenrolled from the program, according to the most recent data from the Department of Health Care Services, which oversees the project … Continue reading

Governor’s Budget is a Start But Doesn’t Go Far Enough for Poor Seniors

By Justice in Aging January 8, 2016 In releasing his proposed budget today, Governor Brown recognized that too many seniors and people with disabilities living in our communities are living in poverty. But the proposals he offered provide only limited relief to those Californians struggling to afford rent, food, heat and other necessities. More action … Continue reading

If Calif. Ends Coordinated Care Initiative, What Happens to Frail Senior Duals?

by David Gorn, California Healthline Sacramento Bureau Thursday, April 2, 2015 Zelda Gamble of Long Beach, 74, has diabetes, high blood pressure and severe rheumatoid arthritis that keeps her confined to a motorized wheelchair all day. Gamble is one of roughly 12,000 frail seniors across California who depend on the Multipurpose Senior Services Program, or … Continue reading

SOTU: We the People Includes All Generations

By Donna M. Butts Updated: 01/14/2016 9:59 am EST This week President Obama’s message was clear: “We the People…Our Constitution begins with those three simple words,” he explained, “words we’ve come to recognize mean all the people, not just some; words that insist we rise and fall together.” It’s true. This inclusive preamble speaks to … Continue reading

Elder Orphans: Step One in the Aging-Alone Plan, learn the stages

By Carol Marak Updated: 01/14/2016 9:59 am EST This article is the second in a series of “Elder Orphans–my aging-alone plan.” If you missed the first one, “A Baby Boomer’s Aging Alone Plan,” then here’s your chance. I became interested in creating and then sharing my plan with the Huffington Post readers after reading umpteen … Continue reading

The future of greys – what about gamification?

ByDonna Quesinberry DC Government Business Examiner   As a practicing government (federal, state, local) and commercial empowerment guru and management consultant (i.e.: business development, capture administration and proposals) and Examiner columnist; every now and again my feelers are out for consultant opportunities where a lifetime of expertise can be put to good use for aspiring … Continue reading

Trees Make Canadians Feel Healthier

By Elizabeth Preston | July 10, 2015 10:47 am What’s a tree worth to you? According to a large study in Toronto, trees may increase both how healthy you feel and how healthy you really are. Having some extra foliage on your block could be as good for your health as a pay raise–or an anti-aging machine. It’s a … Continue reading

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