Huffington Post: Game Changer: Biden Guarantees No Changes in Social Security

It’s unclear what effect Romney’s decision to add Rep. Paul Ryan to his ticket will have on his candidacy, if any. But the choice certainly has had a salutary effect on the Obama re-election campaign.

Naturally, it sparked a full-throated debate on the infamous Ryan and House Republican plan to turn Medicare into a voucher, and force the most vulnerable — the elderly, the disabled, and seriously ill — to pay thousands more for health care out of pocket. (The nonpartisan CBO put the estimate at about $6500 per person.) Democrats generally can only be delighted as Romney and Ryan and House members struggle to explain why they have to destroy Medicare to save it. (“It’s a great reform, but don’t worry it only applies to folks under 55 who might not be watching.”)

Equally important, the debate has led the president and vice president to become vocal defenders of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — the centerpieces of the social compact we make with one another, and the glittering crown jewels of the Great Society and the New Deal.

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