Coalition on Human Needs: Tell Congress to take action now: Fix ALL the harmful automatic cuts – not just inconvenient air travel delays

Actions you can take – and forward to others*

*This list of resources can be found here and will be updated regularly with new information and actions

Cuts now taking effect across the country have forced the cancellation of Head Start summer programs, ended regular Head Start programs weeks early, or dropped children from Head Start classrooms.  They have cut unemployment benefits for long-term jobless people by 10 percent or more.  Many thousands of low-income people already on waiting lists for years are consigned to wait longer for rental vouchers; others with vouchers are seeing large rent increases or are losing the vouchers they had.  Fewer homebound seniors are getting home-delivered meals – or getting fewer of them.  Teachers and teachers’ aides in schools serving low-income children are being laid off.  Public defenders are being furloughed.  

And that’s only a very partial list of the impact of the automatic cuts known as “sequestration.”  More examples?  See the Coalition on Human Needs’ weekly summaries of these cuts.

With all these harms being inflicted, it was disappointing in the extreme that Congress saw fit to fix only one thing before flying home for a week’s recess:  they allowed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to move funding around to end furloughs for air traffic controllers, thus ending long lines at some airports.  

It is not exactly news that powerful interests get a special hearing in Congress.  But it is also true that loud voices get heard.  We need your voice to say it’s time to stop sequestration’s lasting harm.

Here are simple actions you can take – choose one or all; and please forward to everyone you know:

Coalition on Human Needs emailable letter to Congress:  Fix Life-Changing Cuts, Not Just Inconveniences
Campaign for America’s Future/Daily Kos emailable letter to Congress:  Repeal the Sequester
Half in Ten Campaign Sequestration Toolkit (sample press release, letter to the editor, tweets, how to tell your stor, helpful graphics)
National Education Association:  Ed Flight campaign (take a picture of yourself holding a paper airplane and post it to Congress) Petition:   Fix the Sequester Cuts for the Poor, Not Just Congressional Travel

Background Information:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:  Congress Addresses Flight Delays But Leaves Other Sequestration Problems Unsolved by Sharon Parrott, Vice President for Budget Policy and Economic Opportunity, April 26, 2013.
Coalition on Human Needs:  Fear of Flying: Congress Fixes Waits in Airports but Lets the Poor Wait One More Year for Housing Vouchers, in Human Needs Report, April 30, 2013.
Center for American Progress, Sequestration Nation: Congress Acts to Ease Sequestration’s Pain on Air Travelers by Kwami Boadi, April 29, 2013.
Coalition on Human Needs:  Sequester Impact: Weekly Summaries  (collected since March 5)

Two-Way Communication:  

To tell us if you are planning actions to stop these cuts, if you know of specific cuts in your area caused by sequestration, or for more information, please contact Danica Johnson, CHN’s Communications Manager, at

Read more here:

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