C4A & CCS: Budget Alert

From our colleagues at C4A and Congress of California Seniors:

C4A and the Congress of California Seniors submitted a joint letter to the Budget Conference Committee on Friday requesting a budget augmentation in the proposed State budget to backfill the cuts in federal programs as a result of sequester.  Please see attached letter. 

You are encouraged to contact the members of the Budget Conference Committee urging them to support a budget augmentation for the nutrition program of $6 million dollars.  Please call and send a fax.  See contact info below. You should also contact your local senator and assemblyperson requesting their support.


Should you have questions, please call the C4A office.

 SAMPLE Letter to Budget Committee



Budget Conference Committee



Senator Mark Leno

916-651-4011 (o)

916-445-4722 (f)

Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield

916-319-2045      (o)

916-319-2145 (f)


Assemblypersons                                                  Senators


Jeff Gorell

916-319-2044 (o)

916-319-2144 (f)

Kevin de Leon

916-651-4022 (o)

916-327-8817 (f)


Holly Mitchell

916-319-2054 (o)

916-319-2154 (f)


Bill Emmerson

916-651-4023 (o)

916-327-2272 (f)


Nancy Skinner
916-319-2015 (o)

916-319-2115 (f)


Loni Hancock

916-651-4009 (o)

916-327-1997 (f)




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