LAUSD: URGENT ALERT! Older Adult Programs still AT RISK of BEING CUT, Wed. 6/26/13 Assembly Hearing

From our colleagues at LAUSD: 

Please contact today and tomorrow the Assembly Committee on Education and Legislators listed below:
This Wednesday 6/26/13 the Assembly Committee on Education will be holding a hearing and voting on SB173 which, if passed, will serve as a supplement to the Governor’s Budget and, with its current language, permanently Cut Adult Education Funding to Programs for Older Adults (POA).  Nina Weiler-Harwell, Ph.D., AARP California Associate State Director of Advocacy, strongly stated,“unless you stop this running train in its tracks, or create momentum to stop it, it’s going to be hard to do on the floor.”  Below is a sample statement.  Of course, feel free to shorten and/or make any modifications.
AARP advises that we rally all older adult service organizations, their members, and the senior citizens that we serve to focus our opposition of SB173 to all members of the Assembly Committee on Education, especially Committee Chair Joan Buchanan well as Assembly Speaker John Perez Carol Liu (Suzanne Reed is her Chief of Staff in charge of SB173), local assembly members and personal contacts.
Even if you’ve ready contacted these legislators, it’s critically important to reinforce your concerns before the vote on Wednesday.  Sophia Kwong is the staffer for the Assembly Committee on Education who can offer information on protocol and timelines (i.e., how the hearing will be conducted, when the bill would go to the Appropriations Committee, etc).
Thank you again for you passion, time and energy.  We can win because we are mobilizing all levels of our communities throughout the state to make our voices heard.
Sincerely, Irma

*Growing statewide efforts to Stop SB173 from cutting funding for POA has been spearheaded by Senator Ted Lieu (NO relation to Carol Liu) in an Op-Ed, his letter to key legislative bodies LIEU Letter Seniors and Noncredit Adult Education.pdfand an Online Petition (it works even if you’re not in his district)  Grassroots educators have been mobilizing through websites and blogs such as Save Our Adult Schools, Adult Education Matters, and Alliance for California Adult Schools

(818) 996-4628 ho/of – (818) 416-2935 cell
Instructor – Family Education, Health & Safety
LAUSD DACE Adult Education – Program for Older Adults (POA)
Chair & Spokesperson – Coalition to Save The First Street Store Mural Wall
Founder, Owner, Educator & Archivist – Doña Irma Heritage Arts Institute
Partner & Business Manager to the Artist – Don Juan aka Johnny D. González
This message, any attachments thereto, and the information contained herein is privileged and confidential and protected from disclosure. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by replying to this message or by forwarding this message to and then deleting it from your computer.
Dear (NAME)
We implore you to OPPOSE SB173 with its current language that would Delete the existing Adult Education Funding authorization for PROGRAMS FOR OLDER ADULTS (POA) in both the K-12 Public School and Community College Systems.  SB173 creates the Unintended Consequence that would require each senior citizen to pay hundreds of dollars for one class (approx. $1000 per year), forcing programs to close in low income communities where they are most needed.  We commend legislators for amending SB173 reauthorizing funds for Programs for Adults with Disabilities.  However, while the state is undertaking bold initiatives to reform our health care delivery system, it is economically irrational to cut funding for PROGRAMS FOR OLDER ADULTS (POA) that provides critical instruction designed to help prevent senior citizens from becoming disabled.  POA currently includes robust mental and physical exercise programs as well as evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion workshops that can save the state significant MediCal dollars.  Multiply that by thousands of senior citizens a year and the Adult Education PROGRAMS FOR OLDER ADULTS more than pays for itself.  California is enjoying a structural surplus (Senator Ted Lieu Op-Ed: June 06, 2013).  The Governor and legislators are receiving a 5.2% raise because of “the improving state economy and a flush budget” (Los Angeles Times: June 19, 2013).  It is unfair and unnecessary to betray the trust of our Active Older Adults who are taxpayers and grassroots advocates who got out the vote that helped pass AB189 and Prop 30 which supported ALL Adult Education Programs.  Active Older Adults continue to contribute as a powerful volunteer workforce supporting our states growing multigenerational families and communities.  It is vitally important to AMEND SB173 to include PROGRAMS FOR OLDER ADULTS as a CORE CURRICULUM and authorize Adult Education Funding in both the K-12 Public Schools and Community College Systems.  Thank you for your careful consideration of this important issue – Please OPPOSE or AMEND SB173.
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 CA Senate and Assembly ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES




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