LA Care: DHCS Announces Delay in Cal MediConnect Program

Voluntary enrollment into the program will now start no sooner than April 2014.

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced on Monday, August 19 that the implementation of the Cal MediConnect program has been delayed. The new start date will be no sooner than April 2014. This delay is due in part to the continuing assessment that the State, CMS and the participating Cal MediConnect health plans are conducting around timing, rates and other unresolved issues.

Although the State expects to revisit the current Cal MediConnect enrollment plan, implementation in Los Angeles County will still likely include a three-month voluntary enrollment period prior to any mandatory enrollment. The State is still in the process of determining the final enrollment strategy (e.g., by birth month, or by geography, etc.). Advocates and other interested individuals are encouraged to participate in the State’s upcoming workgroups and stakeholder forums to provide their input.

L.A. Care’s Response to Delay

We believe this delay is the right decision for L.A. Care, for Dual Eligibles and for the doctors, specialists, hospitals and other health care professionals who care for this population. The delay provides the health plans and the State additional time to refine our programs and processes. L.A. Care remains optimistic that, if launched with adequate funding, Cal MediConnect will allow us to better coordinate care, improve health outcomes and maximize the ability of Dual Eligibles to remain in their homes and in their community.

Find more updates on Cal MediConnect here:

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