California Healthline: CMS Eases Use of Medicaid Funds for Home-, Community-Based Care

On Friday, CMS published a final rule under the Affordable Care Act intended to encourage states to use Medicaid funds to provide home- and community-based care for older U.S. residents and those who have physical and mental disabilities, Modern Healthcarereports.

According to Modern Healthcare, states previously had to apply for a waiver to use Medicaid funds for home- and community-based care programs (Dickson, Modern Healthcare, 1/10). Under the new rule, states can:

  • Run waiver and demonstration programs for five years, pending CMS approval, for people eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare;
  • Combine up to three groups of patients whom the state wants to get a home- or community-based care waiver; and
  • Apply for exceptions in payment policies that typically require the state to pay only individual practitioners who provided a service.

However, states are not allowed to cap the number of people eligible for home- or community-based care programs.

The rule also details…


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