CalDuals: CCI Update

From our colleagues at Cal Duals: 

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on progress we are making on the Coordinated Care Initiative.  This program is a critical effort in helping to improve the care delivered to some of California’s most vulnerable residents.  

We are committed to protecting beneficiaries throughout implementation, and thus this development and implementation process is in the third year since it was first discussed with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Certainly, there have been successes and challenges along the way. As we move forward, it is because we know that the program is ready to go forward on the county-specific schedule we have developed with input from so many of our stakeholders and plan partners. 


DHCS has been working closely with stakeholders to develop notices that will help beneficiaries clearly understand the program and the choices they have.  We appreciate all the work you and your organizations have done to help in this process.   We will continue to seek input on the notices and other guidance documents as we move forward with the CCI. 

All final notice materials, guidebook and choice packets will be available when they are completed. To view completed enrollment notices and documents available, visit the Enrollment Materials page on 

Today, we are releasing some new documents to help advocates and stakeholders better understand the noticing process- as well as where we are in notice development, including:

  •  A comprehensive inventory of notices that will go to beneficiaries – from the 90/60/30 day notices for Cal MediConnect and MLTSS to the notice a beneficiary will receive if they disenroll or submit an incomplete choice form.  This includes information on when notices were released for stakeholder comment and a status update on where they are in the process of finalization.  
  • Redlined notices that show how much the final notices changed due to stakeholder and beneficiary feedback. 

As you know, beneficiaries reviewed the notices last summer in Oakland and Fremont. The health literacy experts at MAXIMUS also reviewed the notices.  This work happened prior to the first round of stakeholder comments (there have been two separate rounds of advocate feedback, once last summer and again starting in December 2013).  We will continue to seek input on the notices as we move forward with CCI. 

Also, accessible and translated notices are available upon request.  Both large print and braille versions of the Guide book and the 90/60 day notices are available. 

Given all of this work, the Cal MediConnect 60 day notices will arrive timely to allow for May 1 passive enrollment. This notice will go to 19,100 new enrollees spread over five plans in three counties: San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside. DHCS believes this step enables beneficiaries to begin to take advantage of the benefits of Cal MediConnect. 

Health Care Options

The new CCI-specific HCO call center opened on February 24.  We are pleased that there are now trained customer service representatives available to help beneficiaries with their new choices under the CCI.  The representatives are able to help beneficiaries with CCI questions, including notices and materials in alternate formats.  

Plan Websites

The next important source of information for beneficiaries will be the Cal MediConnect plan websites.  Starting March 1, plans will begin to post information on their websites including provider directories, member handbooks and formularies.  CMS and the State are working with plans to update websites and provide plan specific detail.  To help make it easier for advocates and beneficiaries to compare plans and understand their choices, we will be linking to those websites on the new beneficiary-facing page on There is also detail on Medicare Plan Finder. 


CalDuals website has been updated to reflect the operational phase of the work, as opposed to the policy development phase.  We are eager for your feedback on the new beneficiary-centric approach. 

Weekly Updates

To keep you updated on grassroots education efforts in counties, our contractor has started to release weekly updates on education efforts occurring at the county level.  You can find past issues on

We appreciate your continued partnership in ensuring that the Coordinated Care Initiative is implemented in the best possible way for beneficiaries.


Jane Ogle
Deputy Director, Health Care Delivery Systems
Department of Health Care Services

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