• No New Proposals to Restore Health and Human Service Programs Including Early Start
  • No Changes Proposed to Governor’s January IHSS Federal Over-Time Proposals That Cap IHSS Worker Hours to 40 Hours Per Week
  • Public Stakeholder Conference Call Briefing on Budget Revisions By CA Health & Human Services Agency Secretary Dooley at 2 PM Today

SACRAMENTO, CA (CDCAN)  [Last updated – 05/13/2014 – 09:05 AM] –  Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. released his proposed revisions to his 2014-2014 State Budget proposal this morning that holds a tight lid on any new increases in state spending.   The proposed spending plan for the State budget year that begins July 1, 2014 and ends June 30, 2015, does not propose any new funding restorations or major funding increases to health and human service programs, except for those originally proposed in his budget plan that he released in January. 

The Governor also did not propose any changes to his controversial proposal made as part of his budget plan released in January that would cap In-Home Supportive Service (IHSS) worker hours to 40 hours a week to comply with the new federal over-time regulations that go into effect January 1, 2015.  Democrats in both the Assembly and State Senate are likely to push back and revise his proposal however in the coming weeks as the budget process moves forward.

The Governor did not propose new restorations of major health and human service programs beyond what he proposed in January.  The Governor did not propose any restorations of eligibility to the State’s early intervention program – called “Early Start” that provides critical interventions to infants and toddlers with developmental delays. 


  • The Governor addressed recommendations made in the the Plan for the Future of Developmental Centers in California, issued January 13, 2014, that recommended that the future role of the state should be the operation of a limited number of smaller, safety‑net crisis and residential services.
  • The Plan also recommended continuing to serve individuals judicially committed to the state for competency training and to provide these individuals transition services as they move back to the community.
  • That Plan in January also recommended developing new and additional service components, including development of an enhanced community behavioral home model and providing health resource centers and community housing through public/private partnerships.
  • The Governor this morning, proposes developing resources in the community for individuals transitioning from developmental centers, as follows:
    • Developing a pilot program for a new enhanced behavioral support home model in the community. The Governor’s May Revision contains $13 million in reappropriated Community Placement Plan funds for this purpose.
    • Improving crisis services at Fairview Developmental Center and establishing new crisis services at Sonoma Developmental Center. The Governor’s May Revision proposes $3.2 million ($2 million in State General Fund) and 43.1 positions to serve individuals in the community with developmental disabilities who need short‑term stabilization.
    • Proposed expansion of the Community State Staff Program to support individuals moving from developmental centers and enhancing regional center staffing to support community transition, resource development, and quality assurance.
    • The Governor’s May Revision contains $458,000 ($321,000 General Fund) and four redirected positions for the Department of Developmental Services to evaluate developmental services community placement funds.


  • Governor’s proposed revisions to his budget plan that he released in January – and that original budget plan itself – still requires final approval of the Assembly and State Senate.
  • Both houses budget subcommittee have held a series of budget subcommittee hearings between March and early May, holding “open” – meaning taking no action – on nearly all of the Governor’s major proposals, including those impacting In-Home Supportive Services, Medi-Cal, developmental services, CalWORKS and other health and human services, education and other areas of the budget.
  • Both Assembly and State Senate budget subcommittees have scheduled final budget subcommittee hearings later this week and next to review and (for new or changed proposals by the Governor) take additional public testimony, and take action on those major “open” items. Both subcommittees can and will likely advance new proposals that either replace, be in addition to or change the Governor’s proposed 2014-2015 State Budget plan.
  • From there the budget plan will be given tentative approval by the full budget committees in both houses before the budget package is sent to budget conference committee where different actions taken by the Assembly and State Senate are taken up and if possible, resolved. No public testimony is taken at any of the budget conference committee hearings.     
  • At this point the Governor and the legislative leaders in both houses – primarily the Democratic leaders – will meet and work out compromises in areas in the budget where there is disagreement. 
  • Before the end of June, both houses will pass a budget plan for 2014-2015 and send the package of bills to the Governor.  

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