LeadingAge: Call Congress: Restore Older Americans Act Funding

From our colleagues at LeadingAge: 

As the nation celebrates Older Americans Month, we are at a critical point in funding federal Older Americans Act (OAA) Programs for fiscal year 2015. In fiscal year 2013, OAA programs lost more than $103 million — a 5.5% cut from 2012. 

These programs regained only half of that cut in FY 2014. Nutrition programs were the only OAA programs that saw full funding restored in FY 2014 from prior year sequestration levels, and funding for nutrition programs have dramatically lagged behind inflation.

On May 13th and 14th, please call 866-898-2624 and ask your legislators to:

  1. Restore eroded funding for all Older Americans Act (OAA) programs to at least fiscal 2012 levels, especially the OAA titles that had funding decline substantially since fiscal 2010, such as: Provide first-time funding of $25 million for the Elder Justice Initiative proposed in the President’s budget. The funds would support grants, technical assistance and evaluation of Adult Protective Services, and research on elder abuse.
    • Title III B Supportive Services (adult day and in-home services, transportation.
    • Title III E National Family Caregiver Support Program (respite).
    • Title VII State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.
    • Title VI Grants for Native American Aging Programs.
  2. Continue development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC’s). The President’s budget included $100 million of mandatory spending over five years to continue the development of ADRCs that provide access to long-term services and supports information and assistance for older adults and caregivers.

This year’s Older Americans Month theme focuses on injury prevention: Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow. We need your help in voicing concerns about adequate funding for Older Americans Act programs that will enable us to provide a Safe and Healthy community for a growing senior population!

Quick and Easy Script

“I understand decisions are being made about funding for programs serving older adults. I urge Rep/Sen. ________ to restore funding for all Older Americans Act programs, to create funding for the Elder Justice Initiative, and to continue development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers. Thank you for your consideration” 

Other Ways You Can Take Action

  1. Send a letter to your legislators.
  2. Send a tweet to your legislators-check this list of legislators using Twitter.
    • sample: .@SenatorBarb please restore Older Americans Act funding to 2012 levels, fund Elder Justice Initiative, continue ADRC’s #OAM2014

Thanks in advance for your advocacy on this urgent issue.

Questions? Need help getting started? Please contact Tommy Goodwin, director of member advocacy, attgoodwin@leadingage.org, or 202-508-9442.

Visit site here: http://www.leadingage.org/call_congress.aspx?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Call+Congress%3a+Restore+Older+Americans+Act+Funding&utm_campaign=HCBS+Report+05%2f06%2f2014

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