The Campaign with Ernie Powell: LAAAC Chair, Rigo Saborio

LAAAC Colleague, Ernie Powell, hosts a radio show on Radio Titans named The Campaign where recently LAAAC Chair Rigo Saborio was on the show. 

Listen to the Episode 3 here

Some information on the show: 

The Campaign is your call to action

According to definition, a “campaign” is work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one: people who campaigned against child labor, the services he had campaigned to protect… it comes from the French campagne for ‘open country’, via Italian from late Latin campania, from campus ‘level ground’. The change in sense arose from an army’s practice of “taking the field” (i.e., moving from a fortress or town to open country) at the onset of summer.

Ernie Powell’s The Campaign is about the art, skill and talent of organizing for social change. It is about building a progressive grassroots movement that fights for what is good about America as we age – Social Security, Medicare, Health Care Reform and or against Income Disparity. So, as you listen to the show you will meet people who work, day to day, week to week, year to year organizing and building progressive campaigns that make a difference at the legislative and electoral level.

The show will feature different segments that add valuable information to what we are providing. In the segment called “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” Ernie will talk to people who can take us back to different days – people who involved in the early history of shaping and winning progressive programs that as those programs took shape provided health and economic security to millions of Americans. When you hear from someone who worked directly in some of the great progressive movements in the you will see that thread of history that brought us to this moment and forward.

Another segment which we are calling “In my Time” will deal with moments in history that Ernie observed or took part in. Ernie’s rich history brings us lessons, issues to reflect on and experience that add value as we struggle to make “more perfect” this “in perfect union” we live in. Whether he is talking about what he observed in his five years with the farm workers boycott, or his decade as a community and environmental organizer or his better than 25 years as a leader and organizer in the senior movement – Ernie will be telling stories – some that make you laugh, some that make you cry but all guaranteed to teach, cause reflection and, we hope, action.

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