Avalere & The SCAN Foundation: Avalere Issues White Paper on the Management of High-Risk Medicare Populations in Partnership with The SCAN Foundation

[Robinson Chavez, Michael -- - Sierra Foothills, Ca. November 16, 2011 Kate Hamon, 78, had it made when she moved to Pine Grove just north of Jackson. She owns two homes, one, a 17 acre property is all paid for. Then the bubble burst and Hamon was upside down on one of her homes, which is being purchased in a short sale for a song. Hamon, a deeply religious woman, packs up a statue of the Virgin Mary. The elderly are dealing with tough financial conditions and aborted retirements in the foothills of the Sierras. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/Los Angeles Times)] *** []

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: 

New Avalere research for The SCAN Foundation demonstrates the ROI potential of well-targeted care coordination programs supported by robust data.

In a new report on effective care management of high-risk Medicare beneficiaries, our Avalere experts make the case for three key best practice strategies.

1. Identify the full range of risk factors: Exclusive focus on medical conditions limits a plan’s ability to identify and manage spending for the members most likely to incur the highest Medicare costs.

2. Improve data collection with a well-developed health risk assessment: Improve risk stratification and care coordination targeting by investing in the HRA process as a source of powerful, relevant member information.

3. Implement targeted care coordination programs to drive outcomes and ROI: Our analysis has revealed the potential for substantial cost savings when transitions are managed care the care continuum of care.

For a copy of our the full white paper, download the attached PDF

For more questions about this white paper or about care coordination in general, contact Sally Rodriguez at SRodriguez@Avalere.com. 

Click here for PDF: http://avalere.com/news/avalere-issues-white-paper-on-the-management-of-high-risk-medicare-populati?utm_source=9-25-14+%28Avalere+Briefs%3B+2014+Summit+Materials%29&utm_campaign=9-25-14&utm_medium=email

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