The Hill: Analysis: Millions more would be insured if Supreme Court upheld Medicaid expansion

By Sarah Ferris

An extra 3 million people would have gained health insurance if the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the Obama administration’s Medicaid plans two years ago, according to new data.

If all states had expanded their eligibility for the low-income insurance program, the percent of people without insurance nationwide would have fallen by two percentage points, according to a model created by the nonprofit group Enroll America and a data analytics group called Civis. The data was analyzed and published by the New York Times on Monday.

A majority of the uninsured people who would have benefitted from an expansion of Medicaid – the government’s low-income insurance program – live in Southern states stretching from Virginia to Texas.

Twenty-one states have declined to expand eligibility under Medicaid, a move that would have brought a windfall of federal dollars into the state but would also put the state on the hook for later costs.

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