From CA DHCS: 

New DHCS Senior Staff Announced 

DHCS is pleased to announce that Governor Brown appointed Claudia Crist as the Deputy Director, Health Care Delivery Systems and Hannah Katch as the Assistant Deputy Director, Health Care Delivery Systems. 

As the Deputy and Assistant Deputy, Ms. Crist and Ms. Katch will have the responsibility for leading the work of the Health Care Delivery Systems teams. Ms. Crist is joining us with over 20 years of experience in the health care field in a variety of positions.  She has been working for Sutter Health for 14 years and has held several leadership positions there and will be joining the department in December or early January. Ms. Katch is joining us with over 6 years of experience in the health care field and will join the department on December 1.   

November Stakeholder Call 

In an effort to continue our dialogue with stakeholders about the implementation of the Coordinated Care Initiative, the Department of Health Care Services has scheduled the next monthly stakeholder update call for November 18, 2014. 

The upcoming call will provide updates from DHCS on CCI implementation. We’re also hoping to hear questions and feedback from stakeholders on how implementation of the CCI is going in their local counties.  

Below you’ll find information about the call along with a registration link.

As always, thank you for your interest and engagement as we work on this important initiative. Please send questions and/or comments to


Mari Cantwell
Chief Deputy Director, Health Care Programs
Department of Health Care Services

DHCS is releasing the following information today and I wanted to give you a heads up. Please forward this to the anyone that might need to know. Thank you.


Today, the Department of Health Care Service (DHCS) is announcing changes to its Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) enrollment timeline in order to continue to move forward to provide high quality, coordinated care to beneficiaries eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Throughout this process, we have said that counties would move forward as they were ready and after beneficiaries’ protection were in place. Today, we are making two updates that will help the CCI keep these two important commitments: 

o    Alameda County: As the result of extensive stakeholder outreach and in coordination with DHCS, the Department of Managed Health Care, Alameda Alliance for Health and local providers, CCI will not move forward in Alameda County.  This will allow Alameda Alliance for Health to remain focused on getting into a healthy financial and operational condition, and transitioning back to local control.

o    Orange County: We are cautiously optimistic that CalOptima will be able to resolve the issues identified in Medicare and Medi-Cal audits conducted earlier this year.  To allow for more time to achieve plan readiness and to allow for appropriate notification of beneficiaries, passive enrollment in Orange County will now begin no sooner than August 2015.  Opt-in enrollment in Orange County will begin no sooner than July 2015. 

These changes reflect our commitment to continuing forward with the CCI in a way that best serves beneficiaries. 

Ryan MacDonald
Harbage Consulting

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