Huffington Post: Happy Birthday, SSI, Time for an Update


Last week an extremely important federal program that you have likely never heard of turned 43 years old. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program provides modest, yet life-saving, cash assistance to 8 million seniors and people with disabilities with extremely limited income and resources. As important as the program is, as it grows older, it is in desperate need of an update to ensure its relevance.

You may not be familiar with the SSI program, but Dollie is. Dollie, whose story you can learn more about in this video, is a 73-year-old woman who relies completely on her SSI benefit to pay her rent, her medical co-pays, her grocery bill, her transportation costs, and all the other necessities of daily life. So you would expect that her SSI benefit would be enough to cover those basic expenses, and that it would at least be close to the federal poverty level, right?

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