NCOA: FY15 Funding Bill: What it Means for Aging Programs

3 of 9Adult Day Health Care dilemma Trinidad Contreras is a fixture at Gardner Family Health Network Adult Day Health Care facility in San Jose, Calif. on Wednesday, June 6, 2012. Due to budget cuts, the state declared Contreras no longer eligible for benefits, but Gardner Family Health Network Adult Day Health Care is continuing to let him participate in its programs without getting reimbursed while he appeals. He spends the hours between about 10 am and 2 pm playing dominos, walking the courtyard and tending the small garden boxes. (Dan Honda/Staff)

A $1 trillion, 1,603-page FY15 funding package was among the last pieces of business of the 113th Congress.

The House passed the measure by a vote of 219 to 206. The Senate passed the measure on Dec. 13 by a vote of 56 to 40, and the President is expected to sign it into law.

The legislation has been referred to as a “cromnibus” because it is a combination of an omnibus package of 11 of the 12 appropriations bills funding most government operations through the remainder of FY15. The programs in the Homeland Security appropriations bill are instead funded by a three-month continuing resolution to give the new Congress a chance to weigh in on the implications of President Obama’s immigration executive order.

Most aging services programs and benefits were held steady at current funding levels. A two-year deal to suspend the effects of the sequester’s automatic cuts in discretionary program runs through FY15, which means there was little room for growth in spending but we face the threat of across-the-board reductions next year.

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