Many Think That Choosing Gifts For Seniors is a Difficult

Having active seniors in your life is a blessing. Gifts for seniors that remain active should continue to encourage them to continue be active and enjoy life. Physical and mental activities promote an increase in brain cells, mental clarity and can decrease the chances of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

To choose the right gift for the active senior in your life, you should first consider their physical, mental and financial situation. You should also take into account their interests and hobbies. This can give you an idea as to where to begin. It is important to remember, that the best gift, for any active senior is the ability to spend time with their family. Some of the activities in this article will be things that every age group can participate and enjoy with the aging senior in their life.

If you have an aging senior that is open to adventure, you may introduce them to Letterboxing. This could be a fun activity that the entire family can become involved in doing. This activity is an exciting combination of treasure hunting, artistic abilities, navigational skills, and exploring interesting, scenic, and sometimes remote places.

It is an activity that can be introduced to the family, a group of active seniors or both. Exploring and experiencing new and challenging things keeps an aging senior young.

If the active senior in your life has some limitations, you may consider a Wii. There are programs for seniors that will not only keep them active, but do so at their ability level. Many active seniors have even formed Wii competing groups and clubs. Some take this so seriously, they even have Wii Olympics. Having a Wii can not only improve health but enhance social skills and opportunities as well.

If you have an active senior that is not confident or the outdoor type, a Wii has programs that are fun as well as promotes physical activity. This can improve balance and self confidence in an aging senior.

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Do you have an active senior open to trying new things, but have been intimidated by technology. There are new aging senior friendly products that will sure to help them overcome their hesitancy. Check out the new programs, Soft Shell or Big Screen Live.

These programs hide the complexity of Windows, and offer a large screen format that makes the internet, email, online shopping and games available. This could open up a new world to the active senior that can prevent boredom and loneliness on their less active days.

If you have a visually impaired senior in your life, look into the Kindle II program. This is a wireless reader.  The new Kindle program can download newspapers and can store up to 1,500 books. This very portable product also has a text to speech feature so you can access to every newspaper, magazine and blog that is available. There are some written materials that may not be available if it is disabled by the rights holder.

Brain fitness programs have been scientifically proven to increase brain cells and the connections between them. These programs can delay or even prevent mental decline in aging seniors. There are mind fitness programs that have been developed to improve the active seniors driving skills. When investigating such a program, you want one that does an initial evaluation and assessment to determine a base line skill level. The program should be able to reevaluate and assess the senior drivers’ skills on a regular basis, after so many sessions with the program.

If you have an active senior that does not drive, there are brain fitness programs that they would benefit from, as well. Keeping your brain sharp requires learning something new and challenging on a regular basis. This can enhance the active senior’s mental clarity and improve their well being.

Does the active senior in your life have difficulty sleeping? Do they free stress at times?  Consider giving the active senior in you life the ability to get a good nights sleep or stress relief. Research and science have come together to address how to decrease and alleviate stress and improve sleep. There is now technologies that can help you balance emotions, decrease stress and increase mental clarity, energy and performance.

Active seniors need to remain mentally and physically active for as long as possible. Gifts for seniors can encourage and support the senior to remain active.

Diane Carbo Registered Nurse has more than thirty five years in the nursing field. Her experience as a geriatric care manager, makes her uniquely qualified to help those who want to live out their lives in their own homes. That decision may be made when you are 20, 30, 40 or in fact at any age, with sooner rather than later being ideal. Diane has developed a web site to make people aware of issues and options. You will find extensive helpful information that will be continually updated. Please visit Diane’s web site and learn more about programs that encourage brain activity. Sign up for “The Caring Advocate” her free newsletter and take advantage of a complimentary e-course “Advocating For Yourself and Others” If your senior suffers from loss of sleep check out this information.


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