Questions to Ask Elderly Parents About Their Care Wishes

This will be an event that you will want to do when your parents are still able to answer the questions. There are many questions about their care – from day to day living to even special care needs. It’s best to have the conversation when your parent is able to understand what you are saying, why you are asking the questions and what outcome the elder person wants from the talk.

When Do You Ask The Questions?

So when is the best time to ask questions with your elderly parent? What questions will need to be asked? It will all depend on your parent – are they still mobile and only need in home care? Or do they need full assistance and its time to move them into aged care residents homes?

Here are some questions that you might have to ask about their care

    • Do you want to stay at home with home care help?


    • Are you able to care for yourself and your house?


    • What about daily living tasks. Are the elderly parents still able to cook, clean and remember to eat?


    • If your parent is not able to live at home then you need to ask different questions…


    • What type of nursing homes do you want to look at?


    • Is the house too big for your elderly parent to live alone? Can you move in to help out – or sell and buy a smaller home?


    • Can someone take over cooking and shopping to aid with care?


  • What are your financies to be able to have your care needs carried out?

If your elderly parents are able to answer questions then asking the questions about their care needs will be a lot easier for all those involved. If the elderly person (parent) is no longer to answer the questions due to illness or Dementia then there will need to be an order for the children of the parent to take over the care discussions.

No Longer Able To Answer Questions

Once an elderly person can no longer make choices for themselves and can no longer answer questions then a “EPOA” comes into effect. It’s an enduring power of attorney. It is a legal document that comes into effect so that you as the carer can make decisions on behalf ot the person who is now your legal responsibility. It means that you are required (by law) to make the choices that will benefit the elderly person. You are the legal guardian and need to make choices that will aid the person to receive the best care possible.

How Do You Ask The Questions To Your Elderly Parent?

So how do you ask the questions to the elderly parent about their care wishes without upsetting them? Maybe you could take your elderly parents out for dinner and have an informal conversation – asking them what they would like for their care needs/ financial needs? That way you are not over taking their life (and taking away their control) but you are asking about their care wishes and will be able to give care that suits what they want.

Or you could ask them to let you know when they are ready to answer questions about their care wishes. That way your elderly parent could let you know what they want for their care wishes without taking over their whole life. Its a great way to let your Elderly Parent know that you care, without over taking their care needs altogether.

If you are an Elderly Parent you could also have a document drawn up so that it is all formal and legal. Answering questions about what you would like for your care wishes so that you are looked after the way you want, and not what someone else wants.

Nursing Issues – Nursing with love is a website where an aged Care Nurse (AIN) shares her story of caring for the aged in a nursing home From a lack of staff, to being over worked and under paid – there are many Nursing Issues covered.


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