Why Do We Age and the Issues That Come With It

There is a dramatic increase in the aging population global wide and many are living longer than they used to, according to the 2014 global statistic of the World Health Organization. All this has become possible due to an increase of Health activities and the changes that man have made to his daily diet from a disordered to a balanced diet, avoiding sugar, eating less grain, a regular consumption of water, dietary supplements such as vitamin C and vitamin E to combat stress and balance out the damage of free radicals in the body include good exercise programs.

From the moment we were born, we have been constantly aging and the more the time ticks the older we get the seconds and minutes. No living person can escape it no matter what they do because as time decrease so does our body and mind. Many men and women are scared of the aging changes that are taking place with their bodies and mind and many are constantly seeking ways and means to delay the aging process.

The slowdown in our movements, dimming of vision and hearing, the decline of our mental abilities, includes the difficulty we may have in withstanding extremes of temperature. Physically, the aging process may show up in our decreased abilities to accept new ideas or to fit in with new places or new people. Emotional factors of lonesomeness’ and family difficult include stress can contribute to Ill health and other issues that may surface due to the lack of proper nutrition and medical care.

Normally we do not all age the same because, at 70 years, some of us may appear to be younger while others in the same age may seem to be extremely older than their actual age. However, our organs may age at a different rate and, for example, the eyes may age less than the lungs or the other way around and similar difference applies to the emotion and our mind.

The sex drive of an elder person will diminish but will not cease, however, to determine the sex drive of women as they age is difficult because no two women are alike in most cases. A man may still be able to performers depending on how well they take care of their health. There is no danger to sexual contact for older people and sex does not need to be put away for retirement since there is not fixed age and many can still lead an active sex life.

The process can be manipulated or delayed, but not exact stop the time from ticking. Having, regular medical checkup can prevent physical deterioration. When diseases affect the aging and make their surface, they can be arrested and cured if they are discovered early enough, plus it is vital to keep one’s weight down in order to put less strain on the heart.

The best course of action for us is to first address the factors that fuel the process of aging.

• Stress is one of the main factors behind aging. It simply beats and punishes our bodies by taking from everyday tasks which leads to disturbance of cell damages.

• Lack of sufficient sleep is another factor because the heart and vascular system needs to rest includes the spine which needs to regenerate. There is also the matter of our nervous system and the brain that goes into a special state during sleep, so it is very important to get a full night’s sleep as possible.

• Having too much sex comes at a price due to the loss of sperm and reproduction of sperm requires proper nutrition for its production. One need to eat a lot of natural food or take a supplement to acquire sufficient zinc in the body.

• There are many types of poisons that harm us and we need to avoid the partaking of poisons such as, caffeine, polluted air, artificial flavors, polluted water, artificial colors, preservative, most pharmaceutical products, damaged fat, alcohol mercury amalgam dental filling fillings, inoculation. The poison enters the body through our blood and it is transported to all the cells.

• Exposed to too much or too little sunlight may not produce sufficient vitamin D and it is not good for the body, however, it depends on your location and skin type. Try to balance at least an hour or two of sunlight each day and use Vitamin D supplements to ensure that your body receives the proper intake.

• Exercise is also another big item to add to the list and if your body receives little or not sufficient then that is not good. Try to have at least an hour of exercise at least three times a week. For example, if you exercise today take a break tomorrow and vice verse.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Andrew_M_Gooden/2167284

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