Learn How to be an Independent Senior and Stay Safe

With so many seniors living longer and fuller lives, many are electing to live on their own instead of at care facility.  This holds a great deal of promise, but also risk.  Here is a look at some of the measures you can take to boost your senior security while also staying active.

Today’s advancements continue to push the human lifespan higher and deliver a healthier quality of life.  This spells positive news for one and all, but perhaps especially so for seniors.  Thanks to innovations in medical care, psychological treatments, and nutrition, a greater percentage of the senior population has begun to lead more independent and active lives.  On the matter of independence, quite a few seniors have chosen to stay living alone in their own homes rather than move into a senior care center.  For the right senior, this lifestyle can hold tremendous promise.  Unfortunately, it does contain an element of risk: that of robbery.  It’s an unfortunate reality, but certain unsavory characters in society will prey on seniors living alone.  Good news: you can protect yourself.  Here’s a look.

A majority of thieves would prefer to tiptoe in and out of your home with valued items.  Some robberies unfold more tragically than this with seniors facing dangerous and devastating outcomes.  You might say it’s a generalization, but most seniors don’t move about as quickly as they once did. This can make escape from a dire situation next to impossible.  It never pays to attempt heroics.  Any household faces this sort of threat, so having a home alarm system pays especially for the senior who lives on their own.  Any home security system you choose to install should do more than sound a loud siren.  It should also feature full 24-hr monitoring and include immediate dispatch of needed authorities when the alarm gets activated.

Something else you may want to consider is a personal senior security alarm.  Pendant or bracelet alarms can be worn by seniors at all times.  They are lightweight and feature an alarm button that seniors can push whenever an intruder breaches their home.  Pushing the button cues a crisis care representative who immediately dispatches police or sheriff forces to your home.  It’s also possible that a robbery or otherwise hazardous situation could leave you unable to speak.  If that happensPsychology Articles, the pendant alarm company will still send needed authorities to your home.




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