Tips on Telephoning Your Elected Officials

There are multiple ways to get in touch with your elected officials to let them know your perspective on aging issues. These include writing a letter, sending an email, telephoning them and meeting with them in person. Read through the following tips on ways to successfully communicate with your elected officials over the phone and ensure that you are heard!

Tips on Telephoning Your Elected Officials:

  • Remember that telephone calls are usually taken by the staff member, not the elected officials themselves. Ask to speak with the aide who handles this issue about which you wish to comment.
  • Make sure to identify yourself as a constituent.
  • Tell the aide you would like to leave a brief message, such as:

“Please tell Senator/Representative (Name) that I support/oppose (2.___/H.R___).”

  • You will also want to state reasons for your support or opposition to the bill.
  • Keep your message to three minutes or less.
  • Ask for your senator’s or representative’s position on the bill.
  • You may also request a written response to your telephone call.
  • Thank the staff person for his or her time.

*REMEMBER: the best time to call is before a bill is placed on the agenda for a vote or before a decision is put before a local committee, so time your call out if you can.

Script for Calling Your Elected Officials:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Ask to speak to the elected official you called.
  3. If he/she is unavailable, then give your message to the staff member taking the call.
  4. Aging advocates, could use or reword the following statements to express concerns:
    • I’m a senior and I depend on the great services at my senior center.
    • You must listen to me NOW because you’re decisions are directly hurting my community.
    • If you refuse to pass the budget NOW, then the center will close SHORTLY and the programs will stop running.
    • What am I supposed to do if you gut medicare?
    • You asked for my vote, now I’m asking for yours.
    • What do you plan to do?
  5. Lastly, personalize your story so that they will have a greater understanding of the negative consequences for you, if they do not listen to you NOW.

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