Example for Mobilizing Seniors – Communication Surge

Objective: Encourage seniors to create a surge of communications to educate key elected officials

  • As you walk into the room, turn off the lights for a brief moment.
  • You immediately have the attention of the occupants. Seize the moment by asking:

“How would you feel if I were to tell you that I came in to announce we are turning out the lights and closing our facility?”

  • Allow a few comments before announcing that the existence of your center, as they know it, is threatened by the failure of the legislature top pass the budget.
  • Briefly summarize the proposed action: example –  Pass the budget immediately, so the state can release federal funds from the Older American Act to keep our senior centers open, serve hot lunches and deliver meals to the homebound.
  • Discuss the implications, ramifications, etc. of the proposal: Without the budget, senior centers will be forced to close. Programs and meal services will no longer be provided.
  • Explain that now is the time for seniors to educate their elected representative and/or key elected officials: (1) the consequences of failure to pass the budget and (2) ask them to take action immediately to pass the budget.
  • Provide seniors a list of key elected officials along with contact information, to include: district office and Sacramento office numbers
  • Ask the seniors to call each of the elected officials listed by (insert date).
  • Share the talking points provided by LAAAC, or other organizations that coordinate advocacy activity.
  • Answer the questions about the proposed action and/or talking points. Remind them that this is their opportunity to educate key elected officials.
  • Encourage the natural senior activists to motivate the others to take action.
  • If not yourself, inform them of who is the point of contact/staff or volunteer lead for this effort and how they can be contacted.
  • Ask them to provide follow-up reports on their experiences interfacing with the elected officials.

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