How to Communicate Effectively and Get Your Point Across

It’s not about writing the content of a speech – it is about getting up to speak your mind and communicate effectively.


  1. Each person – have a presentation (2 minutes)
  2. Each person goes to the podium and presents their presentation
  3. Congratulations – the hardest part of public speaking is over!

The 4 Parts of Public Speaking (pass out materials)

Getting Ready

  • Audience, protocols (dress, style, etc.)
  • Location and equipment available
  • Preparing your presentation
  • Get there early to scope out the place and relax

Getting Started

  • Breathe (practice with a straw)
  • Walk slowly to front and wait until firmly centered at podium
  • Adjust microphone / find comfortable place to stand
  • Get cards, script ready
  • Take a breath
  • Start

Getting Through It

  • Talk slowly
  • Find a friendly face or spot to look at your eye level and talk to it
  • Share your personal experience – why you care about the issue
  • If comfortable telling jokes and it’s appropriate to the subject, go for it
  • Don’t rush

Getting Off

  • When finished with the presentation, say thank you
  • Look around the room once before turning to walk away
  • Walk away slowly

Do the Exercise again using the new techniques learned

Remember: Leave 5 minutes for Questions and Answers, then finish with your Final Comments 

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