Sample Letter to Elected Officials

Below is an example for an individual letter writing campaign. The aim is to hold power accountable by taking action in advocacy on issues that matter to Americans 50+. This letter’s focus is primarily on strengthening Medicare.

To find out more information on the status of bills in the U.S. Congress related to the subject of Medicare, click the following link:


Dear [Your city/county/state/federal representative’s name],

I am writing on behalf of millions of seniors who have paid into Medicare for our entire lives.

I expect my elected officials to secure Medicare for future generations and keep the promise previously made to the aging community.

Yet too many politicians say the only way to strengthen Medicare is to cut benefits or make seniors pay more.

I believe there are more effective actions to take, for example:

  • clamping down on drug companies’ high prices,
  • coordinating care to improve patient health and reduce medical errors,
  • finding alternatives to resolve malpractice claims that ensure fair treatment for patients and doctors and speed the resolution of claims, and
  • cutting unnecessary tests, excess paperwork, waste and fraud.

The aging community needs more responsible solutions like the ones stated above to keep Medicare strong, not harmful cuts. These solutions need to improve health care and reduce costs for seniors whilst finding real savings for taxpayers.

I urge you, [Your city/county/state/federal representative’s name], to help prevent a humanitarian crisis among our oldest citizens by taking responsible, common sense action to keep Medicare strong for seniors and generations to come.



First and Last Name, (insert credential abbreviations, if applicable)

Job Title, Department (insert “Aging Advocate” if retired, unemployed or volunteering advocacy in aging)

100 MyStreetName Rd

Anywhere, USA 00000



*If you have a personal story involving Medicare, you could include that in the first paragraph for a stronger introduction.

*To find your elected official’s contact information, click here.


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