Tips for Writing Your Elected Officials

There are multiple ways for you to get in touch with your elected officials to let them know your perspective on aging issues. One way is writing a letter. Read through the following tips on ways to successfully write your elected officials and ensure that your voice is heard!

Tips On Writing Your Elected Officials

Letters from constituents are very important to elected officials, but they get thousands of them every day. Here are some tips to help your letters get attention — and action.

  • Your purpose for writing should be stated in the first paragraph of the letter. If your letter pertains to a specific piece of legislation, identify it accordingly, e.g., House bill: H.R.___, Senate bill: S.___.
  • Be courteous, to the point, and use specific rather than general information about how the topic affects you and others.
  • Address only one issue in each letter.
  • Keep your letter short — one page letters are best.
  • State any professional credentials or personal experience you may have pertaining to the subject of your letter. In this case, your experience as a senior, and as a caregiver, connects directly to the pressing issues facing the aging community. Your story and perspective are important!
  • Clearly state what it is you want done or recommend a course of action.
  • Thank the official for taking the time to read your letter.
  •  Be sure to address your letter correctly also make sure your contact information is on the letter so that he or she can respond
  • Email a copy to LAAAC at We love knowing about your advocacy efforts!

U.S. Congress-Specific Tip:

  • When writing a member of the U.S. Congress, it is usually best to write only to the Representatives and Senators from your district or state. Mass mailings to all Members of Congress rarely have much impact. You can find contact information for your Representative/Senator at:

Addressing Correspondence Examples:

To a Senator:

The Honorable (full name)

__(Rm.#)__(name of)Senate Office Building

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:


To a Representative:

The Honorable (full name)

__(Rm.#)__(name of)House Office Building

United States House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative:


*Note: When writing to Chair of a Committee or the Speaker of the House, it is proper to address them as:

Dear Mr. Chairman or Madam Chairwoman:

Dear Madam Speaker or Mr. Speaker:

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