PLEASE PARTICIPATE – 3 minute LAAAC stakeholder survey

The Los Angeles Aging Advocacy Coalition conducted a strategic planning retreat this past summer. As a next step to this work, we are surveying stakeholders to inform our next steps.

We ask that you participate in the following 3-minute survey:



Summary of the 1-day Strategic Planning Retreat

Ideas discussed amongst stakeholders included:

1) How to re-structure the coalition to be more effective in advocacy

2) How to engage coalition members in ways that are meaningful to them

3) How to stay relevant and sustainable in a changing landscape of coalitions, where members time has competing demands on it

4) How to build capacity to carry out coalition advocacy

5) How to restructure the coalition to have effective member engagement in issues

6) How to create transparency and effective communication of coalition operations and advocacy



Stakeholder feedback

Question: What are some recommendations you have on the organizational structure and member engagement that will help LAAAC fulfill its mission?

  1. Clarify Opportunities for Member Engagement, Governance and Leadership
  2. Review and Update LAAAC Staffing and Administrative Structure
  3. Review and Update LAAAC Membership Policies
  4. Create Mechanism for Gathering & Incorporating Input of Diverse Membership
  5. Improve Internal and External Communications
  6. Reinforce Focus on Collective Mission and Goals (i.e., the “Greater Good”)


Question: Given that LAAAC is a member-driven organization, how can the network be more sustainable?

  1. Develop a Sustainability Plan and establish a mechanism (e.g., a committee or work group)for ongoing focus on sustainability
  2. Increase membership base to an optimal level
  3. Review and update the dues structure
  4. Increase visibility of LAAAC
  5. Define opportunities for more in-kind support from members
  6. Develop a robust fundraising plan, including a mix of different strategies
  7. Explore the pros and cons of different administrative support models



Consultant Recommendations

The consultant team developed a set of recommendations for next steps, below, based on conversations with LAAAC staff, review of Key Informant interview findings and LAAAC

documents, and consideration of input gathered the retreat. These recommendations should be reviewed and prioritized by LAAAC staff and members.


1) Engage LAAAC Members more Meaningfully in LAAAC Governance and Decision-Making

  1. a) Establish a functioning governing committee (e.g., Steering Committee or Executive Committee) and determine its scope of responsibility, to include matters such as:
  • Monitoring the overall work and direction of LAAAC
  • Decision-making on behalf of LAAAC
  • Monitoring implementation of strategic plan
  • Reviewing LAAAC leadership positions and roles
  • Establishing Coalition policies and procedures (e.g., re decision-making, determining LAAAC’s priorities, membership)
  • Establishing committee structure and approving committee work plans
  • Reviewing and approving grant proposals or other fundraising efforts
  • Monitoring LAAAC budget
  • Establishing agendas for LAAAC meetings
  1. b) Define the roles, composition, selection process and terms of the governing committee’s membership
  2. c) Establish a defined, inclusive process for deciding on LAAAC’s priorities
  3. d) Determine committee structure beyond governing committee, taking into account needed staff support. Define roles, responsibilities and authority of committees and how committees will be led. Potential committees to consider include the following, with a recommendation to consolidate where feasible:
  • Membership
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Sustainability/Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Policy
  • Issue-specific (e.g., Housing, Transportation)
  1. e) Revisit LAAAC’s administrative support model
  • Clarify current role of SBSS relative to LAAAC for members, including both support provided and decision-making authority
  • Evaluate pros and cons of current model (i.e., fiscal agency under SBSS) and other possible models, including fiscal sponsorship or incorporation. Consider issues such as costs, support offered/provided, autonomy and growth opportunities and potential
  1. f) Review and update by-laws to reflect changes in structure and function


2) Review and update LAAAC Membership & Membership Policies

  1. a) Review membership dues policies and consider redefining member dues based on organizational budget of member
  2. b) Consider role of membership dues relative to LAAAC sustainability
  3. c) Review decision-making authority/opportunity for members at different membership levels
  4. d) Consider membership opportunity for other coalitions, such as the issue-specific coalitions (e.g., Affiliate Membership)
  5. e) Consider if there is an optimal number of LAAAC members and the capacity of the organization to support members
  6. f) Develop outreach plan to enhance membership


3) Develop a Sustainability Plan

  1. a) Review current budget and funding sources
  2. b) Consider role of membership dues and other sources for supporting LAAAC. Be creative in identifying possible funding sources
  3. c) Consider opportunities for in-kind contributions to support LAAAC (e.g., staffing, grant writing, fundraising)
  4. d) Develop a set of fundraising goals/strategies that includes a mix of strategies
  5. e) Outreach to business community
  6. f) Clarify difference between sponsorships for Summit and contributions to overall sustainability of LAAAC
  7. g) Create more visibility for LAAAC among different stakeholder groups, including media, elected officials, and various possible funders



Thank you for participating in this survey. We will reach out to you as we take the next steps to become more sustainable, relevant and engaged.

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