Seniors Travel Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Senior travel could be the prescription that improves your entire well being! How do you sleep at night? Do you toss and turn endlessly? Do you dream? What do you dream?

Medical researchers tell us that dreams are the reflections of our innermost thoughts and desires. Do you awaken most mornings refreshed and eager to take charge of your brand new day?

Or do you feel like pulling the blankets over your face and head and wish the world would just forget your existence?

Maybe you’ve got it all wrong. Maybe what you need instead is for you to forget the world! At least your acreage in it for awhile.

If you’re a senior, travel could be just what the doctor ordered. Put your everyday cares and problems on the shelf. Refocus your attention. Meet different people. Make new friends.

1. Why not shelve your perceived worries and rigid schedules. You’ll have plenty of time to beat them into submission when you get back home.

2. A change of scenery for a few days could be your ticket to shrinking problems back into manageable size.

3. Make senior travel your personal prescription for yourself! You deserve it.

You can’t afford it you mumble? You just don’t have the free time and financial resources to travel you claim? You’ve just got too much to do right here?

Sounds a lot like trumped up excuses, doesn’t it?

Why not get out your scratch pad, clean off the dining room table and let’s take a look at how your glib protests stack up to reality!

You don’t have to travel to Paris or Tokyo! More than likely, within one hundred miles of where you’re sitting right now is a place you’ve wanted to visit and experience for a long time.

You can reach it in your own car. If not, bus transportation will take you anywhere economically.

You’ve just eliminated the price of airfare.

Even if you want to travel to a far away destination, airlines have all sorts of programs for seniors to save you money for using them. Visit a travel agency, you will be surprised at how much money they can save you.

As a senior, the agencies will also make all reservations for you on the plane and at your destination, including car rentals if you desire.

Begin making plans now, and don’t go alone! Include your

husband or wife, significant other, or a close friend. Traveling with a companion is a lot more enjoyable.

But don’t drop everything and leave right away. Take your time, savor planning the trip. Make an itinerary of places you want to visit and things you want to do when you get there.

But, keep the list flexible. Don’t replace the schedule you’re leaving at home for a new one for your travels.

If you’re still sitting at the dining room table, begin the list of places you’d love to visit right now. Dwell on what you’d like to do when you get to each one. Visualize it! Do you feel the enthusiasm building in your mind.

Can you taste the salt air at the sea shore? Do you smell the pines in the mountains and hear the birds talking to one another in the trees?

Can you hear the tuxedoed waiter telling you and your companion what the special is today in that fancy French restaurant you always wanted to eat at?

Your personal senior travel is what the doctor ordered. You just wrote your own trip itinerary! Why not get that prescription filled today!

Remember! You deserve it.


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