Advocacy Follow-Up: The Incoming Administration and Seniors

For those of you who joined the LAAAC monthly advocacy call, we heard from Nationwide advocacy leader NCOA, and statewide advocacy leader Health Access.

In order for LAAAC and our members to engage in national and statewide advocacy, we partner with these organizations to advance advocacy strategy in local district offices.

We will work with these organizations to send you direct Calls To Action and keep you informed over the next several months.

We also wanted to share information on these organizations so you can connect directly to advance advocacy strategy.



NCOA, National Council on Aging- Leading national advocacy strategy and education on ACA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, OAA


CALL TO ACTION: Tell Congress to protect key parts of ACA for seniors:

Signup to receive advocacy alerts here:

Signup to receive newsletter, blog posts, & healthy aging here:



ACA repeal and replace effort:  Blog post on NCOA top priorities in the debate:

Action Center for advocacy engagement opportunities:

Review the NCOA Public Policy Blog and News



Health Access – Leading statewide advocacy strategy on ACA repeal and healthcare

Our healthcare at risk: Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA:

Take Action Today: Legislative Action Center:

Signup for Alerts & Updates:

Signup for Health Access Blog to stay up to date:

5 Ways you can help protect California’s healthcare, including Medicare:


*You will receive various Calls to Action from LAAAC over the next year. We will work with our national partners to bring these engagement opportunities to you.

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