Aging Boomers will Impact Labor, Business, Healthcare…and ‘Drive Up Overall labor Costs’

Gary Passmore wrote about the changing face of California and how aging baby boomers ‘will impact, labor, business, healthcare, teachers, nurses, and shortages in these fields are significant enough to drive up overall labor costs’.

Those of us in aging know the impact boomers will have on systems and the economy. But, now is the time for labor, business and workforce development to understand why aging is their challenge and opportunity too; We are all in this together.

BLOG POST:  The Changing Face of California

This California Collaborative blog features a critical concern that will impact all Californians – our rapidly aging population and the lack of preparedness for addressing their needs for long term services and supports.

The demographic trend includes people who age into disability and develop the need for supports over time, as well as those with existing disabilities who will have greater needs as they age.

In this posting, Gary Passmore, a founding member of the Collaborative and Director of the Congress of California Seniors, outlines the extent of our challenge, its impact on our society as a whole, and the anticipated costs associated with the longevity boom.

Benjamin Franklin was first attributed with the idea that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Given the trends and impacts that Gary describes, we need to urgently address our aging population and make solid plans to ensure that essential services, supports and infrastructure are ready.

The urgency is now. We understand the problem and it is foolish to delay planning for the inevitable.

Laurel Mildred, The California Collaborative for Long Term Services & Supports


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