Vote on Thursday Could Undo 50 Years of Health Progress

Due to the many potential budget cuts and looming policy changes that will negatively impact seniors, now more than ever, it is crucial that you use your voice and speak up in support of older adults!

Please, please, ACT! CALL! SPEAK UP! Time is of the essence……



Thursday Set for GOP House Bill That Would Increase Number of Uninsured Americans by 24 Million


This Thursday, March 23rd, is the 7th anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which extended help to afford health coverage to over five million Californians. This includes the 4 million who are newly eligible for Medi-Cal coverage, and the over 1 million Californians who are getting assistance to afford individual insurance through Covered California.

If the House leadership in Congress has their way, this Thursday will have another significance—it will become the date they vote for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and repeal the ACA. This would not just undo five years of progress on health coverage, but 50 years, with a proposal to cut and cap the Medi-Cal program that a third of our state relies on. The 14 million Californians in Medi-Cal would be facing a 25% cut within a decade—an $880-billion-dollar reduction nationally—to the health system on which we all depend.

Even if you have never called your representatives before, this is the week to start. Every California Congressmember should hear from their constituents on why they should not vote for this bill. California has gained the most under the ACA and now has the most to lose. Call your Congressmembers and urge them, even if they oppose Obamacare, to oppose the AHCA and any other proposal that would lead to more people uninsured and more facing higher premiums and deductibles.

We need your voice leading up to this generation-defining vote. All eyes will be on California Congressmembers as their decision may determine the fate of this disastrous proposal.

Call 866-426-2631 Now to #ProtectOurCare!

Learn more about how you can get involved in the #Fight4OurHealth:

In solidarity,

Anthony Wright

Executive Director, Health Access California

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