What LAAAC Can Do for You in Advancing Advocacy Strategy

Attention Aging Advocates:

The ever changing federal landscape is day by day feeling more and more like an all-out attack on older adults. From proposed changes and cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, to elimination of funds for programs like Meals on Wheels, LIHEAP and HICAP, to discussions of the privatization of social security, and the removal of LGBT seniors from the federal government’s national survey, which helps decide how billions of dollars are spent..… not a day goes by without a new threat to the system that older adults rely on.

The strength that LAAAC carries is truly at the local level, bringing people to issues as a convener and organizer. On the local level, we can play the role of notifying and organizing constituents and providers for national campaigns, in order to support work at the federal level. We know that each of you are involved in federal level advocacy on issues ranging from healthcare to housing, services to entitlement programs, and immigration to air quality. To support you in your work, LAAAC can play a coordinating and organizing role, and we offer the following services to you:

 The Los Angeles Aging Advocacy Coalition will:

  • keep a master calendar of organizing events
  • publicize events
  • organize seniors and constituents to attend
  • build awareness
  • reduce duplication of efforts
  • facilitate connections

In order to reduce duplication of efforts at the local level, and to build stronger awareness and attendance at events, please email Crystal Gordon CGordon@sbssla.org with dates of events as you begin to plan and organize. We will add these events to our website calendar, so as you begin to plan you can check dates to see if there are competing events already planned on that day. Also, let us know how many people you need, where and when, and we will share this with our network through social media and Calls to Action to build attendance at your event.

None of us can fight alone; but together we are better, stronger, more resilient, and fighting with purpose.

Please share this with your federal level networks and help us spread the word so we can support YOU.

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