Urgent! Call your Representative Now!

Attention Aging Advocates:

Below you will find another CALL TO ACTION on the healthcare bill that our great partners, Justice in Aging, sent out today:


The House of Representatives is getting ready right now to vote on a bill that will take away health insurance for 24 million Americans, cut Medicaid funding by 25%, and put the health of older adults in peril. Representatives are under pressure to vote yes and need to hear from constituents now.

Call your Representative today at 1-866-426-2631 and tell them to vote NO on the AHCA that Republican leaders are rushing through Congress. The bill is bad and getting worse.

CALL CONGRESS NOW at 1-866-426-2631 and tell them to protect healthcare for seniors. Ask your Representative to publicly oppose the bill. And then share this message.

Please see our Fact Sheet on how the AHCA harms older adults for more information.

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