We Need to Keep Fighting for Healthcare

The GOP’s Zombie Health Repeal Bill Keeps Rising From the Dead – Let’s Send it to the Grave for Good

New Proposals Keep Getting Scarier

The Republicans in congress continue to push to resurrect the awful American Health Care Act to repeal “Obamacare.” In the last few days, the White House and Congressmember have had multiple meetings to try and work out a deal. Yet every potential change discussed only makes it worse. Current proposals would still:

  • Leave 24 million more Americans (and 4-5 million Californians) uninsured
  • Rollback the Medicaid expansion and cap and cut the overall Medicaid program (projected to be a $24 billion cut to California’s Medi-Cal program within a decade)
  • Cut the tax credits (such as through Covered California) that help people afford coverage
  • Enact an age tax that would require older Americans to pay more
  • Exclude Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider
  • Provide a massive tax giveaway for the wealthiest and the health industry like insurers and drug companies, and set the state for even more regressive tax changes

The new version of the bill would also gut the popular patient protections now in law by allowing states to:

  • Eliminate essential health benefit standards (and thus the ban on lifetime and annual caps on coverage as well)
  • Eliminate the community rating, allowing insurers to charge differently based on health status—taking away affordable access for those with pre-existing conditions

What was already a bad bill is now getting worse. The next few days and weeks will determine if this repeal and rollback effort has any momentum, or if it gets a final stake in the heart. Congress begins a 2-week recess on Friday and we must make it known that we will not allow our health coverage to be taken away. We need all of California’s Congressmembers—especially the 14 Republican members—to hear from you. 

ENGLISH: 866-426-2631
SPANISH: 877-736-7831
ONLINE: www.savemycare.org/call-replacement-bill

We also need to show up to be heard at the many town hall and health care defense events throughout this Recess of Resistance. Find out about town hall events in your area at https://townhallproject.com


In solidarity,

Anthony Wright
Executive Director, Health Access California

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