CALL TO ACTION: Letter Writing Campaign to Senate Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon

Dear LAAAC members, partners and advocates!

The following letter has been shared with us from our northern California coalition partners:

We are asking organizations and individuals to use this letter, add your own logo, sign with your signature, and send to the Senate Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon as part of a statewide letter writing campaign.

Please send letters this week!!!!

The request is that the Senator create a standing committee on Aging and Long Term Care.

See below.

Hello Partners!

Attached please find a sample letter to Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León requesting he create a standing committee on Aging and Long Term Care.  I wish I could take credit for this brilliant letter, but alas, I cannot.  I can brag that Suzanne Reed kept two of my sentences in there 😂😂😂.

For the So Cal partners and those not in attendance at the Monterey Nor Cal meeting yesterday, our fearless leader, Sue North, suggested we make this ask.  The next step is to create a vigorous letter writing campaign asking the Senate President Pro Tempore to create a standing Aging and Long Term Care Committee.  Finally, it is our goal to have this happen and for him to announce this when he kicks off our Senior Rally on May 11th.  Pie in the sky?  Perhaps, but if we don’t ask, the answer is without a doubt, no.  So what have we got to lose?

By the way, who is coming to our Rally?  In case you missed liking our Senior Rally Day page on Facebook, please do so now, here:

Also, please find the Senior Rally Day flyer attached.  It has a live link to the registration page and we are asking that all attending register.  Please distribute far and wide!!!!


Let’s do this folks!


Debbie Toth
President & CEO
Choice in Aging
490 Golf Club Road
Pleasant Hill, CA  94523
(925) 682-6330 x133 phone
(925) 682-6375 fax


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