Measure H

We are happy to report that many LAAAC advocates have been successful in impacting the Measure H implementation process to benefit older adults.

The LAAAC Policy Action Team has organized our members and talking points, and has been tracking and speaking on the older adult need at Measure H county meetings. We’ve been active in Expenditure plan meetings, Homeless strategy meetings, and prioritization council meetings. The Board of Supervisors and Mr. Ansel clearly heard our voice and the meeting agenda for next week’s Board meeting was released today.


We are pleased to announce that the LA County Board of Supervisors is directing County and City Departments at their next board meeting to analyze and report back on older adults experiencing homelessness. Please see the full directive below:


Included in item 19 on the 5/15 Board of Supervisors agenda:

“Direct the Chief Executive Officer, in collaboration with LAHSA, the Executive Director of the Community Development Commission/Housing Authority, the Directors of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services and Mental Health, the Acting Directors of Health Services and Public Social Services and the Los Angeles City Department of Aging, to report back to the Board in 90 days with a description of what has been done to address the needs of older adults experiencing homelessness, an assessment of the ways in which Measure H funded strategies are addressing the needs of older adults and any opportunities to strengthen the response to the needs of older adults in the future.”


Here is the full report with recommendations:


A very BIG thank you to all LAAAC members and advocates who have spent their time in meetings and committees and created agendas and talking points across the diverse spectrum of H implementation. More work still to be done, but the first steps are now completed!!!!!!

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