THE VOTE IS SET FOR TODAY : CALL NOW To Save Health Coverage for Millions!


A Vote to Take Health Coverage Away from 24 Million Americans Set for Early Tomorrow

Call Tonight and Tomorrow Morning and Fill Their Inboxes to the Brim!

There is no more time to waste – a vote is planned FOR TODAY on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to rollback coverage and consumer protections for millions. The House GOP leadership was able to flip a few votes with a new amendment proposed yesterday that added $8 billion “high-risk pools.” This is laughably inadequate funding for failed policies that California has seen before. Given that AHCA cuts Medicaid by over $800 billion, the new amendment is a paltry drop in the bucket that does almost nothing to help our health system, or to provide security for those with pre-existing conditions.

This bill still strips health care from 24 million Americans, still drastically cuts and caps Medi-Cal by a staggering $24 billion/year, still cuts affordability assistance for those in Covered California by 50%, still undermines protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and still raises premiums and deductibles for millions.

The margin is so close that just a few of the undecided California GOP congressional delegation can be the votes that make the difference to stop this awful bill. But they need to hear from you NOW.

REP PAUL COOK 14955 Dale Evans Parkway Apple Valley, CA 92307 Phone:  760.247.1815 @RepPaulCook DC Phone: 202.225.5861 REP DARRELL ISSA 1800 Thibodo Road Suite 310 Vista, CA 92081 Phone:  760.599.5000 @DarrellIssa DC Phone:  202.225.3906 REP DAVID VALADAO 101 North Irwin Street Suite 110B Hanford, CA 93230 Phone:  559.582.5526 @RepDavidValadao DC Phone:  202.225.4695
REP STEVE KNIGHT 1008 West Avenue M-14 Suite E Palmdale, CA 93551 Phone: 661.441.0320 @SteveKnight25 DC Phone: 202.225.1956 REP JEFF DENHAM 4701 Sisk Road Suite 202 Modesto, CA 95356 Phone:  209.579.5478 @RepJeffDenham DC Phone:  202.225.3402 REP ED ROYCE 210 W Birch Street Suite 201 Brea, CA 92821 Phone:  714.255.0101 @RepEdRoyce DC Phone:  202.225.4111
REP DOUG LaMALFA 2885 Churn Creek Road Suite C Redding, CA 96002 Phone:  530.223.5898 @RepLaMalfa DC Phone:  202.225.3076 REP KEN CALVERT 400 S. Vicentia Avenue Suite 125 Corona, CA 92882 Phone:  951.277.0042 @KenCalvert DC Phone:  202.225.1986 REP DANA ROHRABACHER 101 Main Street Suite 380 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Phone: 714.960.6483 @RepRohrabacher DC Phone:  202.225.2415

Talking points

  1. The amended AHCA keeps the same unacceptable things of the prior version. It will:
  • Cause at least 24 million Americans to lose coverage, including over 4 million in California
  • Create massive premium hikes for older adults, women, and persons with pre-existing conditions
  • Slash $880 billion dollars from Medicaid, leading to huge service and eligibility cuts for low-income people
  • Shift billions in costs to state governments and taxpayers
  • Use health care cuts to fund tax cuts to the wealthiest, as well as drug companies and insurance executives.
  • Allow insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions thousands of dollars more
  • Undermine the requirement that insurers cover basic health care services, such as hospital care, maternity care, prescription drugs, and mental health.
  1. The amended AHCA adds new terrible provisions:
  • Additional money for so-called “high-risk pools” is less than a tenth of what is needed and will not prevent insurance companies from charging people with pre-existing conditions substantially more for health coverage.
  • California’s experience has shown that “high-risk pools” lead to higher costs, fewer benefits and waiting lists rationing care for those with pre-existing conditions.

Let’s keep up the #Fight4OurHealth!

In solidarity,


Anthony Wright

Executive Director, Health Access California

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