We Stand With Seniors

29062686_1577606855650795_2388268680073969664_nIn March, The SCAN Foundation launched We Stand With Seniors, a public awareness and education campaign – communicating directly to the candidates for California governor – and focused on the specific challenges older adults and families face in accessing high-quality, affordable health care and supportive services in California. In the months leading up to the election, the campaign – co-funded with West Health – will convene older adults, advocates, and policymakers for educational forums, periodic surveys on how well the gubernatorial candidates are addressing the issues, and more.


Here are some things your Regional Coalition can do today:


  1. Join the We Stand With Seniors campaign by signing up at http://www.westandwithseniors.org/.
  2. Follow the campaign’s social media accounts, and encourage your networks to do so, as well:
  3. Twitter: @WeStandWSeniors
  4. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeStandWithSeniors/
  5. Use the #StandWithSeniors hashtag in all your social media communications!
  6. Communicate to candidates directly on social media, citing #StandWithSeniors. Ask them to make older adult issues a priority and develop a plan for California. Their handles are: @Antonio4CA @DelaineEastin @GavinNewsom @JoinTravisAllen @JohnChiangCA @AmandaRenteria @TheRealJohnHCox
  7. Share the attached press release and this infographic with neighbors, colleagues, and friends. We must spread the word!

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