SAVE THE DATE: 10th Annual Summit on Aging

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Aging Advocates are Cordially Invited ðŸŽ‰

Our coalition member, Justice in Aging, is hosting a very special event in March! Please join us as we celebrate their 45th anniversary with festive food and drinks. At this event, you will have an opportunity to contribute to their important work in fighting senior poverty. Also, they will in honoring an outstanding leader in the … Continue reading

Train with us in California! Organizing for Social Change

Hello LAAAC Coalition and supporters, I attended the Midwest Academy, 5 day training- Organizing for Social Change- back in March 2016. I must say, it was the BEST training to learn about policy, policy advocacy, power, power dynamics, strategy, tactics, campaign strategy, allies, coalition building, and much much more. I highly recommend this training to … Continue reading

To LeadingAge & All Our Generous Sponsors: Thank You!

Happy 2017 Aging Advocates! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and were able to spend quality time with your family and friends! So, we’re only about a week into the new year, and there’s already much news to share with you regarding our upcoming events. At LAAAC, we are immensely thankful that so many individuals, … Continue reading

Warehousing Our Elderly

It is a national shame that in our culture we stick our elderly in warehouses called nursing homes, or assisted living or rehabilitation facilities. About twenty years big corporation recognized the huge money profits by exploiting end of life care. Many churches had not-for–profit homes to care for older people who could no longer live … Continue reading

Active Senior Living – ReInventing Yourself With Drive Determination and Desire After 60

As I go about my typical day I can’t help but notice increasing numbers of people over the age of 60 still in or returning to the workforce. At 11pm the toll booth operator, at 1am the early morning cashier at Kroger, the other day my pizza delivery guy, all seniors, still on the job … Continue reading

What do you need to know about senior’s health

As one progresses in age, he retreats in health or fitness. Though senior citizens are counseled to stay fit, it is barely the case like. Numerous natural transformations occur in the body as it moves towards fragility. For instance, the bones and muscles lose their potential reducing the stamina of the body, the kidneys and … Continue reading

10 Key Points on Training the Aging Workforce

Will most baby boomers retire at 60? Will there be a massive employee shortage in a few years’ time, as predicted in a number of major policy reports? What can companies and government agencies do? This is a very important topic, given demographic trends worldwide. Here we provide a summary of 10 key Trends and … Continue reading

Tips on Telephoning Your Elected Officials

There are multiple ways to get in touch with your elected officials to let them know your perspective on aging issues. These include writing a letter, sending an email, telephoning them and meeting with them in person. Read through the following tips on ways to successfully communicate with your elected officials over the phone and … Continue reading

6 Steps for Speaking to a Local Community Group

Speaking at a local community group can raise the profile of your issue, bring in new activists, and create useful alliances. Here are six steps to follow: STEP 1: Pick your audience Possibilities include senior centers, faith-based groups, social action committees, service clubs and political organizations. STEP 2: Pick your topic There are numerous facets about … Continue reading

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