THE VOTE IS SET FOR TODAY : CALL NOW To Save Health Coverage for Millions!

A Vote to Take Health Coverage Away from 24 Million Americans Set for Early Tomorrow Call Tonight and Tomorrow Morning and Fill Their Inboxes to the Brim! There is no more time to waste – a vote is planned FOR TODAY on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to rollback coverage and consumer protections for millions. … Continue reading

CALL NOW: ZombiCare is Back and Worse Than Ever

The Republican #CareLess Plan is Back And It’s Worse Than Ever Your Congressmember Needs to Hear From You Today! Aging Advocates, This awful bill just won’t die. The GOP House leadership is moving to bring back Trumpcare, the vampire health care plan that still leaves 24 million Americans uninsured, still cuts Medicaid and our health … Continue reading

CALL TO ACTION for the 28th: Protecting the Affordable Care Act

Dear Aging Advocates, If you live in the 28th Congressional district, or if you provide services to individuals in the 28th, please see Congressman Schiff’s request below. He wants to hear from you on his Facebook, Twitter or his website Dear Friend, We can all agree that there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of … Continue reading

GOP Healthcare Proposal Would Harm California Seniors

Attention Aging Advocates, Repeal and Replace is back on the Trump agenda. Please see the 2 Calls to Action below from our partners, Justice In Aging. Although we fought back against recent efforts in Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with the American Health Care Act (AHCA), leaders in Congress say they … Continue reading

We Need to Keep Fighting for Healthcare

The GOP’s Zombie Health Repeal Bill Keeps Rising From the Dead – Let’s Send it to the Grave for Good New Proposals Keep Getting Scarier The Republicans in congress continue to push to resurrect the awful American Health Care Act to repeal “Obamacare.” In the last few days, the White House and Congressmember have had … Continue reading

Urgent! Call your Representative Now!

Attention Aging Advocates: Below you will find another CALL TO ACTION on the healthcare bill that our great partners, Justice in Aging, sent out today: The House of Representatives is getting ready right now to vote on a bill that will take away health insurance for 24 million Americans, cut Medicaid funding by 25%, and put the … Continue reading

#Fight4OurHealth Actions & Events THIS WEEK

Dear Aging Advocates, Please see below for a complete list of statewide events happening this week –  BIG thank you to Justice in Aging and Amber Christ for sharing this info with us!   From Justice in Aging: I’ve put together all the events that I have heard about through Fight4OurHealth and elsewhere. The House will … Continue reading

Vote on Thursday Could Undo 50 Years of Health Progress

Due to the many potential budget cuts and looming policy changes that will negatively impact seniors, now more than ever, it is crucial that you use your voice and speak up in support of older adults! Please, please, ACT! CALL! SPEAK UP! Time is of the essence…… THIS IS THE WEEK OF TRUTH FOR HEALTH CARE Thursday Set for GOP House Bill … Continue reading

Meals on Wheels Advocacy

*Please see the 6 Call to Action bullet points below. *While the intended audience of this Call to Action is Meals on Wheels Providers and programs, ANYONE who cares about senior meals can follow these guidelines and advocate. WASHINGTON UPDATE Everything You Need to Know About What’s Going On Budget Response Toolkit Following the release … Continue reading

AHCA Factsheet: American Health Care Act

Dear Aging Advocates, We’d like to pass along some useful material that our LAAAC partner, Justice in Aging, shared with us. It is a recently released factsheet from Sen. Bob Casey‘s office regarding the AHCA‘s effects, specifically on older adults in California:   For other state-specific factsheets, please click HERE.

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