Be Alert For Caregiver Burnout

With one in three Americans filling the role of a family caregiver, burnout is a problem that needs to be addressed. Caregiver burnout comes from excessive mental. physical and emotional stress for a prolonged period of time. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. This continuing stress leads to a … Continue reading

Preparing Seniors for Natural Disasters

Most people never consider what they will do in the event of a natural disaster. If they have aging parents, they may not have considered what will happen to them if an emergency strikes to put their loved ones in harm’s way. Now is the time to formulate a plan. Adult children should coordinate with … Continue reading

Tips for Caregivers When Dealing with Seniors

When parents and loved ones get older, many times the care of the person falls to their children or other relatives who live in close proximity. Caring for a senior that has multiple health problems that are treated on a daily basis is something that is difficult for most people. The reason is that the … Continue reading

Boomers Can Develop More Self-Confidence with These 5 Tips

Boomers who are feeling some uncertainty and anxiety about the future as retirees can develop more self-confidence about the future and the present with these tips from a leading retirement lifestyle coach. Thinking about your retirement lifestyle can be a daunting experience at first. Imagining what your life will be like after retirement is filled … Continue reading

Safety Tips for the Elderly for Outside the Home

Just because as we age we are not as physically fit does not mean we need to stop enjoying the world and being independent. But it also doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t accept the physical limitations that come with age. Here are some safety tips for the elderly when they travel from the home. Many … Continue reading

Three Helpful Tips for Renting Out Your Home

(NewsUSA) – America’s elderly are one of the fastest-growing segments of the population. As a group, senior citizens over age 85 are expected to double between now and 2030. While people are wondering what Social Security will look like in the coming years, senior housing is another rising concern. Some families are in a position … Continue reading

Deal With Caregiver Stress – What You Need to Know About Handling Guilt, Frustration and Anger

Overcome caregiver stress by putting strategies into place. Tips for dealing with guilt, frustration and anger start with identifying the expectations you have for yourself as a caregiver. Caregivers have a tendency to try to do everything themselves. Some individuals become overprotective or believe that their “caring” and attention is all that the aging senior … Continue reading

Many Think That Choosing Gifts For Seniors is a Difficult

Having active seniors in your life is a blessing. Gifts for seniors that remain active should continue to encourage them to continue be active and enjoy life. Physical and mental activities promote an increase in brain cells, mental clarity and can decrease the chances of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. To choose the right gift for … Continue reading

A Dementia Overview For Caregivers – Understanding Dementia Will Help You Provide Better Care

A dementia overview is important to those caregivers providing care to a loved one at home; as this condition can be very challenging. Some reading this may already be experiencing the day to day stressors. There are so many causes of dementia and different types of dementia; it can all get very confusing. As a … Continue reading

Varied Causes of Memory Loss

The causes of memory loss are varied. Many of us find ourselves concerned that our memory problems or forgetfulness means that we have dementia. Lets explore just what are normal memory changes and what may suggest that we should be concerned. As individuals age they begin to have some difficulty concentrating or giving things their … Continue reading

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