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The Los Angeles Aging Advocacy Coalition’s (LAAAC) is a social movement service organization, which combines human service provisions with advocacy efforts.

LAAAC makes it possible to carry out educational and advocacy-oriented activities that might be beyond the scope of what SBSSLA could do solely.

Our Mission

LAAAC’s mission is to preserve, protect, and strengthen access to quality care for older persons, their families, and caregivers in Los Angeles County by forging joint advocacy efforts to influence fiscal and public policy in the field of aging.

Our Purpose

The purpose of LAAAC is to inform, educate and engage the public about pertinent issues affecting the aging community in order to alleviate the suffering of neglected seniors and caregivers. 

Our History

It all started in 2009…

LAAAC was founded by AltaMed Health Services Corporation, Partners In Care Foundation and St. Barnabas Senior Services (SBSS). The founders were inspired by the efforts of individual organizations advocating on behalf of of older adults at the time such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Jewish Family Services, AARP and the Congress of California Seniors. They gathered further that true impact and power to effectuate major change is realized when individual organizations unite on behalf of the greater good to launch something larger, a movement to be reckoned with, which essentially transforms the aging landscape in Los Angeles county and beyond.

Through the dedication and resources from the founding organizations, support from The SCAN Foundation and other member organization, LAAAC has grown immensely with over 200 allies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and students. We continue to expand, especially due to our social media following.

LAAAC was specifically developed as a collective response to identify threats to the aging service system and quickly filled a void at the local level for a unified entity organized to advocate on behalf of the aging community. At our first meeting we decided to convene a countywide summit to learn about current and future proposed policy development and their implications for our constituents. On March 24, 2010 LAAAC hosted our first Aging Summit.

At this event, we launched a unified alliance committed to a long-term sustainable coalition building plan and identified our first advocacy priorities based on two main policy issues at the time which where the California state budget cuts two older adult programs and the preservation of the city of Los Angeles Department of aging as an independent entity. 

Our members coalesced to deliver a deluge of affective aging advocacy communications to elected officials at the state level and our efforts to save the department of aging from eminent consolidation under another city department were successful. In subsequent battles, we succeeded in defeating a proposal to change market rate rents to cash strapped nonprofit aging service providers house in city buildings and convince the LA city Council to provide a bridge loan to the department of aging when the state budget impasse impeded the flow of Older Americans Act funds to our city’s 16 multipurpose senior center operations.

Currently LAAAC functions as a common meeting ground for professionals and others interested in the field of aging:

  1. To advocate on issues affecting the well-being of older adults in their caregivers, 
  2. To provide information on issues affecting aging adults,
  3. To engage in the planning, design, and implementation of service delivery and coordination models,
  4. To offer educationally enriched opportunities for members and the community
  5. To provide a forum to promote professional networking

Today, LAAAC works together toward cultivating and advancing a supportive environment for advocacy as a powerful and proactive tool to unify the aging service network throughout California.

We foster advocacy on behalf of the aging community. We are committed to service, social justice and the inherent worth of each individual. We value development, education, empowerment, and health. Also, we recognize the central importance of human relationships and truly value each partner we have in the helping process.

Each organization provides various services to uplift seniors in California communities, such as legislative advocacy, educational programs, counseling, healthcare, caregiver support, legal aid, spiritual guidance, dietics, etc.  

Over 1.6 million seniors call Los Angeles County their home. According to the California Department of Finance, Los Angeles county has the highest number of seniors in California. 

The senior population in Los Angeles is only expected to grow exponentially to a projected 3.2 million by 2030. Today, while California’s aging population continues to rapidly grow; its safety net faces proposed eliminations

Concerns associated with the adequacy of existing home and community based services for meeting the demands of older persons and their families are now surpassed by a more grim reality- an intentional expanding systematic breakdown in the system of care.

Our top three goals have been and continue to be:

  1. Positively influence policy makers on issues of affordable housing, transportation and poverty for aging adults.
  2. Further educate on these issues in the community and among our members via training and informational opportunities.
  3. Engage in the planning, design and implementation of service delivery and coordination models while offering a platform to promote professional networking to support our advocacy efforts on issues affecting the economic, political, and social well-being of older adults and their caregivers in California.

This work is inseparable from LAAAC’s commitment to eliminate oppression in all its forms. 

To accomplish these goals, LAAAC advocates for public policy that prevents elder abuse, guarantees sensitivity to seniors, and promotes social justice. 

LAAAC uses the power of public education to change beliefs and attitudes about the causes and consequences of neglecting the aging community and the devastation of oppression overall. 

Via community based programs and events that provide advocacy, counseling, education and more, LAAAC works for a safer society that older adults can live well, feel well, and age well within!

Click here for LAAAC Fact Sheet: LAAAC Fact Sheet
Click here to Read LAAAC’s Policy Priorities: LAAAC Policy Priorities 2016-2017

LAAAC is also managed by St. Barnabas Senior Services  and is part of The SCAN Foundation’s Community of Constituents initiative, building a statewide movement to transform the system of care so that all Californians can age with dignity, choice and independence. 

  • LAAAC is managed by St. Barnabas Senior Services; Funded, in part, by Archstone Foundation.
  • St. Barnabas Senior Services

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