The Age Wave – Understanding the Diversity and Needs of Older Clients

Me work with older adults? Not if I can help it! That is frequently the attitude of students I encounter who think of the elderly as a boring and debilitated population residing in nursing homes or other institutional settings. While not saying so in such blunt terms, many clinicians in practice secretly share the same … Continue reading

Senior Meal Delivery Services Solve Family Caretaker Problems

Senior meal delivery is provided to senior citizens or to those who are beyond the age of sixty-five. The term senior citizen is usually applied to retired people or couples that are self-sufficient and are in good health. The term is also often applied in finding family caregiver support and assistance and utilized in most … Continue reading

California Heathline: Yamada Takes a Lonely Stand on ADHC Bill

by David Gorn The Senate Committee on Health yesterday rejected a bill designed to perpetuate adult day health care services in one of the strangest votes in recent memory. The legislators on the committee voiced strong support for the bill and said they wanted to vote for it, but bill author Assembly member Mariko Yamada … Continue reading

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