NSCLC: Advocates Recommend Ways to Measure Rebalancing In Managed LTSS and Dual Eligible Demonstrations

Consumers, providers, regulators and policymakers generally agree that rebalancing long-term services and supports (LTSS) system towards greater use of home and community-based services versus institutional care is a shared goal as states shift to the use of managed LTSS for those older adults and persons with disabilities with Medicare and Medicaid (dual eligibles) and others … Continue reading

IHSS Consumers Union: MOU Concerns and Recommendations & NSCLC May 7 Webinar: Understanding The CCI

Oct 31- ADHC Rally photo (Photo credit: Steve Lopez)

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE FAR AND WIDE.  Some lives may depend on us standing up for those who are medically frail and may, without understanding, be unwittingly defaulted into managed care systems that may not be equipped to care for them adequately.  Knowledge is power and it is our duty as advocates to make sure that Seniors and People … Continue reading

California Healthline: Lawmakers, Advocates Criticize Obama’s Budget Plan Over Health Cuts

Lawmakers and advocacy groups are criticizing the early details of President Obama’s fiscal year 2014 budget proposal, after news reports indicated that the proposal will include $400 billion in spending reductions from health care programs, the Wall Street Journal reports. The proposal is expected to be released on Wednesday (Hook/McCain Nelson, Wall Street Journal, 4/5). About Obama’s Proposal … Continue reading

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