Boomer Health Care – For You And Your Aging Parents

Take control of your care by asking questions Tackling a few major hurdles right now will ease your mind and help you and your parents feel better in the long run. Here are few tips to make this mundane yet complex issue easier to manage. Insurance First and foremost you and your parents need the … Continue reading

The Changing Priorities of 21st Century Retirement Living – Providing Choice Will Be Key

Skiing trips instead of shuffleboard, laptops instead of feet on tabletops: Today’s retirees are playing and living under a much different set of priorities than previous generations. Words like choice, flexibility, fit and active are much more the 21st century vernacular than comfortable, relaxed and passing the time. Oh sure, today and tomorrow’s retirees still … Continue reading

Top 10 Lifestyle Planning Questions For Baby Boomers

It is about knowing what your values are and what you want to achieve in your retirement years. If you saw the movie “The Bucket List” you will know what I mean. If you didn’t see it I recommend that you do. Life is more than money and status. For many people it isn’t until … Continue reading

10 Habits of Highly Effective Baby Boomers

Learn how to make the rest of your life the best of your life with these critical tips from a leading retirement lifestyle expert. With these tips, you can enjoy a second phase of life (after retirement) that will be fulfilling, happy and exciting. As a Baby Boomer, you are probably thinking about your retirement. … Continue reading

New Options for Boomers With Foot and Ankle Arthritis

NewsUSA) – As they approach retirement, many members of the “Me Generation” aren’t ready to slow down, even if their bodies are. Foot and ankle surgeons say baby boomers are more likely than previous generations to seek care when arthritis develops in their toes, feet and ankles. “Unlike their parents, baby boomers do not accept … Continue reading

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