California Health Report: ACA subsidies: $2 billion for California

Forty percent of Californians eligible for federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act had signed up for coverage by March 1, a level of participation that will translate into more than $2 billion in tax credits for those consumers over the next year, the Kaiser Family Foundation says in a new issue brief. California’s enrollment … Continue reading

California Health Report: The iPad Therapist: Mental Health for the Aging

By Matt Perry Davis Park stands in front of 11 older adult residents of the Los Angeles independent living facility Good Shepherd Manor – all but one of them African-American – and asks what they know about technology. “How many of you know what videoconferencing is?” One hand rises. How many know how to use … Continue reading

California Health Report: Homeless Are Hesitant to Use Medi-Cal

By Lisa Renner The expansion of Medi-Cal under the Affordable Care Act means that the homeless have more health care options this year than ever before. Yet the handful of free homeless medical clinics in Modesto continue to see lines of patients eager to use their services. Some homeless people have trouble understanding the Medi-Cal … Continue reading

California Health Report: More Calif. Residents Turn to Crowdfunding To Pay Medical Expenses

By Linda Childers When Sara Wysuph of Santa Cruz learned that her brother-in-law, Jason Jones had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, she was determined to help him and his family get the financial and emotional support they needed. “Several months before Jason was diagnosed, a friend of ours held a crowdfunding campaign to help … Continue reading

California Health Report: Effects of Health Care Changes on Medi-Cal

Community clinics like Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg are on the frontlines of the massive reorganization of health care and coverage. By Leilani Clark Late last year, a self-employed Santa Rosa mother found herself navigating the Covered California website in search of affordable health coverage. After filling in the required information — a frustratingly slow … Continue reading

California Health Report: Falling Through the Cracks: Thousands of Low-income Residents May Have Lost Health Coverage

By Hannah Guzik Martha Luque has diabetes, so she knew she needed health insurance. But the 60-year-old apartment manager almost lost coverage this year, because of the shifting landscape of California health programs. Last year, Luque was one of 654,000 residents statewide enrolled in the Low Income Health Program, a pre-Obamacare initiative to try to … Continue reading

California Health Report: A Quiet Revolution in Primary Care

Pharmacist Karl Hess, right, gives Mildred Keagy of La Verne an inoculation required for Keagy’s planned trip to South Africa. Hess is helping to write protocol recommendations for a new state law that expands pharmacists’ scope of practice. The law is intended to ease an expected physician shortage as demand for healthcare services surges under … Continue reading

California Health Report: Six Million Legal Immigrants May Get Health Coverage under the Affordable Care Act

 By Fran Kritz The Affordable Care Act is likely to provide health coverage for about six million legal immigrants who have not been able to get coverage previously, according to an issue brief by researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, in Washington, D.C. “Most people do not realize that legal … Continue reading

California Health Report: ACA brings new business to clinics, but also new competition

By Daniel Weintraub  Community clinics – the backbone of California’s health care safety net – face a whipsaw from the Affordable Care Act.  On the one hand, the law opens the state’s free health program for the poor, Medi-Cal, to more than a million Californians who don’t have insurance today. This should mean a big … Continue reading

California Health Report: LA Organizes Unprecedented Enrollment Campaign

Photo: Courtesy HCEC Photos By Callie Shanafelt As Obamacare outreach efforts ramp up around the country, the question on everyone’s mind is ‘who will enroll?’ But those who are especially in the know wonder if ‘hard-to reach’ people will even understand that there are programs that they can in. Seven million California residents are currently … Continue reading

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