California Healthline: Medi-Cal Ranks Grow by Nearly 500K

by David Gorn About 413,000 Californians have been newly enrolled into Medi-Cal in less than two months, and an additional 100,000 have been determined likely eligible for the program during that time, state health officials said.  Approximately half a million Californians will likely be added to Medi-Cal between Nov. 15, 2014, and Jan. 7, officials … Continue reading

California Healthline: Head of Health Care Services Looks Back on Tumultuous, Fruitful Years

In a California Healthline report by Rachel Dornhelm, the director of the Department of Health Care Services, Toby Douglas, reflects on his 10 years of work at the department, the last four as director. Douglas has presided over the expansion of Medi-Cal, which has added two million Californians to the program, and a shift of about 80% … Continue reading

California Healthline: Two UC Medical Centers Dropping Medi-Cal Managed Care Contract

by David Gorn Health Net and two University of California medical centers agreed to sever ties on a Medi-Cal managed care contract. As of Jan. 1, that means roughly 4,300 patients will need to find new providers. According to Health Net, letters announcing the change have been mailed to patients and they should be receiving … Continue reading

California Healthline: What’s Behind High Opt-Out Rate Among Dual Eligibles in L.A. County?

by David Gorn he state’s duals demonstration project has hit a rough patch in Los Angeles County. Health officials are in the middle of an effort to enroll a large segment of the state’s dual-eligible population in Cal MediConnect — a seven-county pilot project designed to coordinate care and funding for about 430,000 Californians who … Continue reading

California Healthline: Exchange, Immigration Advocates Urge Enrollment by Mixed Status Families

by David Gorn On Wednesday, immigration advocates linked arms with Covered California officials and other government representatives to assure families of mixed immigration status that their personal information would not be shared. Many members of mixed-status families have balked at enrolling in Medi-Cal or Covered California over concerns that application information might end up in … Continue reading

California Healthline: Rural Frail, Elderly Beneficiaries Being Shifted to Medicaid Managed Care Plans

by David Gorn This week, state health officials launched a new phase in the rural expansion of Medi-Cal managed care, moving about 24,000 medically complicated seniors and the disabled into managed care plans. Coincidentally, the annual conference of the California State Rural Health Association convenes on Wednesday in Sacramento. The transition of seniors and persons … Continue reading

California Healthline: ACA: A List of Reasons for the White House To Be Thankful — and Not-So-Thankful

by Heather Drost On the eve of the launch of the second Affordable Care Act open enrollment period, the Obama administration released its Faces of Health Care series, showcasing U.S. residents who have obtained coverage thanks to the law. Today — on the eve of Thanksgiving —California Healthline considers which ACA-related initiatives and developments in … Continue reading

California Healthline: New Legislative Strategies May Emerge To Raise Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rates

by David Gorn Legislative strategy may shift in the coming session over the issue of low Medi-Cal provider reimbursement rates, one lawmaker said. California’s Medi-Cal provider payments are among the lowest Medicaid rates in the nation — and that was true even before the 10% payment cut passed by the Legislature in 2011. The reduction … Continue reading

California Healthline: One-Quarter of Possible Participants Have Opted Out of the Duals Project

by David Gorn About 50,000 Californians so far have enrolled in Cal MediConnect, according to figures released Monday by the Department of Health Care Services, which oversees the program. However, about twice that number — a little more than 100,000 duals — have chosen to opt out of the program. The duals demonstration project known as … Continue reading

California Healthline: State Tweaks Timeline for Duals Project

by David Gorn State health officials last week dropped Alameda County and its 26,000 dual-eligibles from Cal MediConnect, California’s demonstration project for Californians eligible for Medi-Cal and Medicare. The timeline for Orange County was pushed back one month for automatic enrollment to start. Orange County had already been delayed to start no sooner than July … Continue reading

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