A Caregiver’s Manual for Being Prepared for That Call in the Night

As women, we are often expected to fill multiple roles: that of a loving mother, career woman, supportive wife or partner, volunteer in the community and, at some point for many, a new role—that of caregiver to our parents or loved ones. For the last 20 years, I have helped clients plan for their “golden … Continue reading

Caregivers–Don’t Become Control Freaks

When you’re a primary caregiver responsible for the well-being of your father, mother or another loved one, it’s easy to become obsessed with the details. You want to make sure your Dad isn’t eating rotten food, so you smell everything in his refrigerator. You note that your Mom’s hair is oily and stringy, so you … Continue reading

How to Survive as a Primary Caregiver

When we’re under stress as caregivers, it’s important to have outlets for relief and to periodically rejuvenate ourselves. Otherwise we do harm to ourselves and everyone around us. Now, getting relief is more easily said than done. Sometimes there’s just no alternative but to buck up under the load. However, even a small gesture can … Continue reading

California Healthline: State Readies Health Home Project

by David Gorn California health officials expect to release within a week a fleshed-out proposal for a health home project that could reduce state costs and improve the lives of super users of the Medi-Cal health care system. It’s a plan that won’t cost the state anything but has the potential to save quite a … Continue reading

California Healthline: New Reports Shine Light on Long-Term Care Problems

by George Lauer For a couple decades now, advocates for seniors and aging Californians have warned that long-term care problems will get larger and more numerous if government and health industry officials don’t make some policy changes. Three new reports are turning up the pressure on policymakers: A report titled, “A Shattered System: Reforming Long-Term … Continue reading


SACRAMENTO, CA [CDCAN LAST UPDATED 01/15/2015 – 04:50 PM] –  The Department of Social Services, the state agency that oversees statewide the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program that serves over 450,000 children and adults with disabilities, mental health needs, the blind and seniors, announced today that it is halting implementation of overtime, travel and wait … Continue reading

KHN: As Caregiving Shifts To The Home, Scrutiny Is Lacking

By Anna Gorman Yolanda Farrell lay mostly paralyzed in a nursing home, unable to feed or dress herself, when her homeless daughter persuaded her to move out. Linda Maureen Raye, who relatives say had been living in her car with her dog, used her mother’s Social Security to pay for a one-bedroom Riverside, Calif. apartment and … Continue reading

KPCC: Lots of responsibility, no required training, for in-home caregivers

Anna Gorman | Kaiser Health News   Born just a year apart, Oliver Massengale and his brother Charles grew up together. Now, in a two-story home in Compton, they are growing old together. But Charles Massengale, 71, can do little on his own. The former tree trimmer has severe brain damage from a 30-foot fall, … Continue reading

WHCoA: A Time for Family

by Nora Super, Executive Director  Many of us are already preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations. Turkey and football, and perhaps travelling to wherever we call home, will be on many of our menus for the day. But whatever your plans, Thanksgiving is, above all, a time for family—however you define it.  That’s why it’s fitting that … Continue reading

TSF: Aging in America: Stuck in the Middle

Young and Old by www.Mikesjournal.com

From our colleagues at The SCAN Foundation: The Bipartisan Policy Center’s initiative on long-term care was featured as part of a cover story on a recent episode of CBS Sunday Morning.  The segment profiles the struggle many Americans face when it comes to long-term care financing and features an interview with former Senate Majority Leader Tom … Continue reading

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