The key to good caregiving: A healthy caregiver

(BPT) – It is estimated that more than 15 million Americans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. For the vast majority, the deeply personal responsibility of caring for a loved one with a devastating disease constitutes a “labor of love,” but caregiving can take a severe emotional and physical toll on … Continue reading

Caring For Carers

The care role impacts heavily on carers. Carers require care themselves. One way in which communities can support carers is through the establishment of carer support groups. Carer support groups provide a brief respite as well as peer support to carers. These support groups are often an effective form of stress management for carers. There … Continue reading

Caring for Elderly Parents? How to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty

Saying NO to a parent’s request without feeling guilty is extremely difficult for most of us! However, the ability to set limits with loved ones is a crucial skill needed to maintain emotional, physical, and spiritual health. When caring for an elderly parent, we need all the energy, rejuvenation time and emotional stamina we can … Continue reading

Caregiver Hiring Strategies and Tips

Caregiver hiring is one of the most important tasks you will ever face in your life. Your loved one’s well-being depends upon your success in hiring the appropriate person or team. It is important to have a sound philosophy regarding your goals in providing care for your loved one. The fundamental cornerstones: Caregiver Hiring Cornerstones … Continue reading

Caregiving’s Costly Burden

Hey – If I had known that official government policy toward caring for elderly parents was that their children would have to do it all, well I would have had 10 kids. While it’s said that those in the developing world have numerous children with the hope that some will survive to care for them … Continue reading

A Caregiver’s Manual for Being Prepared for That Call in the Night

As women, we are often expected to fill multiple roles: that of a loving mother, career woman, supportive wife or partner, volunteer in the community and, at some point for many, a new role—that of caregiver to our parents or loved ones. For the last 20 years, I have helped clients plan for their “golden … Continue reading

Caregivers–Don’t Become Control Freaks

When you’re a primary caregiver responsible for the well-being of your father, mother or another loved one, it’s easy to become obsessed with the details. You want to make sure your Dad isn’t eating rotten food, so you smell everything in his refrigerator. You note that your Mom’s hair is oily and stringy, so you … Continue reading

How to Survive as a Primary Caregiver

When we’re under stress as caregivers, it’s important to have outlets for relief and to periodically rejuvenate ourselves. Otherwise we do harm to ourselves and everyone around us. Now, getting relief is more easily said than done. Sometimes there’s just no alternative but to buck up under the load. However, even a small gesture can … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Live In Caregiver for the Elderly or Seniors

An elderly member of the family can no longer live independently and needs daily assistance. The loss of independence can be catastrophic to a person and the thought of moving to a seniors’ residence is not a choice they want to make. A live in caregiver can fill the void and allow your loved one … Continue reading

Caregiving Tips for Boomers: 5 Tips for Decreasing the Cost of Caring for Elderly Parents

Over 30 million Baby Boomers provide countless hours of assistance to elderly parents at no charge. It is estimated that, using average hourly wages, the total amount of this uncompensated care is comparable to the entire Medicare budget. For the estimated 7 million Boomers who provide long distance care, actual out of pocket expenses amount … Continue reading

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