CHCF: Physician Participation in Medi-Cal: Ready for the Enrollment Boom?

From our colleagues at the California Health Care Foundation: SEE THE REPORT SEE THE INFOGRAPHIC By the end of 2015, the Affordable Care Act will add more than two million enrollees to Medi-Cal, the nation’s largest state Medicaid program. This estimate has heightened concerns about whether there are enough doctors to care for them all. … Continue reading

CHCF: California and Its Counties Under the ACA: A Leadership Framework

Deborah Reidy Kelch California’s state-county partnership for health care is shifting under the ACA. This framework provides policymakers and stakeholders a way to understand the changes.  As California moves to implement the ACA, it is making major health program, policy, and fiscal changes that will transform the way the state and its 58 counties share … Continue reading

California Health Care Foundation: In Transition: Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Reflect on Their Move to Medi-Cal Managed Care

Click the following for PDF: CHCF: SPD Transition to Medi-Cal Managed Care

California Health Care Foundation: In Transition: Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Reflect on Their Move to Medi-Cal Managed Care

Carrie Graham, Health Research for Action at UC Berkeley Beginning in 2011, seniors and persons with disabilities (SPDs) in 16 counties with Medi-Cal fee-for-service were required to choose a managed care plan or be assigned to one. After one year, approximately 240,000 SPDs had made the transition to managed care.   Advocates for the affected … Continue reading

CHCF: Best Practices in Assisted Living: Considering Potential Reforms for California

While residents of California’s assisted living facilities require more health care services than in the past, state regulations haven’t kept pace.   Downloads Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Quick Reference Guide, 2013 (1.02 MB) Maribeth Shannon Testimony Before the Joint Legislative Hearing of Human Services Committees, 2/11/14 (5.13 MB)  A number of troubling incidents that have been chronicled in … Continue reading

CHCF: Early Evidence, Future Promise of Connected Health

The success of the Affordable Care Act will depend on embracing technology that allows providers to reach more patients, treat them effectively and efficiently, and track their progress over time. With partial sponsorship from the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), the February 2014 issue of the journal Health Affairs explores the early evidence and future promise of connected … Continue reading

CHCF: Monitoring Performance: A Dashboard of Medi-Cal Managed Care

Benjamin Norman for The New York Times Patients at the Peekskill center, which may or may not get to keep a $4.5 million federal grant.

This first publicly reported dashboard of Medi-Cal managed care shows areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Six million Californians receive health care through the Medi-Cal managed care program. Over the past three years, the program has expanded to reach new populations, provide more services, and operate statewide. The program will expand further as those newly … Continue reading

California Healthcare Foundation: Individual Coverage Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

Since passage of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, California has enacted implementing state legislation in key areas, including establishment of a state-administered exchange, health insurance premium rate review, benefit standards and cost-sharing limits, and detailed rules for the offering and sale of private coverage to individuals and small groups. California developed ACA … Continue reading

California Healthcare Foundation: Health Reform in Translation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that most people obtain health insurance, and it provides new structures and supports to help them do so. To further Californians’ understanding of ACA implementation, CHCF is creating a set of resources called Health Reform in Translation. A series of infographics is available at right. Four fact sheets provide simple summaries of the … Continue reading

CHCF: Health Care Costs 101 Slow Growth: A New Trend?

Katherine B. Wilson While the US continues to spend a greater percentage of GDP on health care than any other industrialized nation, the 2011 increase bucked historical trends, according to the latest Health Care Costs 101  September 2013 The United States continues to spend a greater percentage of its wealth on health care than any other … Continue reading

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