Changing the end-of-life care conversation

(BPT) – November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, which provides a timely opportunity to better understand end-of-life care options and how to broach this sometimes difficult subject for you or a family member. Hospice and palliative care services help people with illnesses no longer responding to curative treatment face death on their own … Continue reading

What is Needed for Successful Advocacy Communications?

Create an advocacy communications strategy that has: a clear vision agreed messages clear and realistic objectives evaluation criteria A well thought through advocacy program: informs, educates and engages persuades, inspires and motivates revitalizes and repositions your brand/image creates a sense of injustice that mobilizes positive action gains the endorsement of the media cultivates new donors … Continue reading

Tips on Testifying at Hearings and Public Committee Meetings

One more powerful form of communication with your elected officials and your surrounding community is to share your testimony at a legislative hearing or public committee meeting. This can be the most effective way to get your voice heard by multiple decisions makers at once. The thought of testifying in front of a number of … Continue reading

Tips on Scheduling an In-Person Meeting with Your Elected Official

Letters and phone calls are effective, but not as effective as meeting one-on-one. Meeting your elected official in person is a great way to have a real impact on an issue, and ensures that your perspective is heard! Make an appointment early! Elected officials maintain busy calendars, so making an appointment ensures that you will … Continue reading

Tips for Emailing Elected Officials

Generally, the same guidelines apply as with writing letters to elected officials. However, it is important to note that in our technology-driven society, email has become a popular, cost-effective and quick way to share personal views with elected officials. Because of these benefits, legislators receive a high volume of electronic communication. When sending an email, … Continue reading

How to Communicate Effectively and Get Your Point Across

It’s not about writing the content of a speech – it is about getting up to speak your mind and communicate effectively. Exercise: Each person – have a presentation (2 minutes) Each person goes to the podium and presents their presentation Congratulations – the hardest part of public speaking is over! The 4 Parts of … Continue reading

Tips on Telephoning Your Elected Officials

There are multiple ways to get in touch with your elected officials to let them know your perspective on aging issues. These include writing a letter, sending an email, telephoning them and meeting with them in person. Read through the following tips on ways to successfully communicate with your elected officials over the phone and … Continue reading

6 Steps for Speaking to a Local Community Group

Speaking at a local community group can raise the profile of your issue, bring in new activists, and create useful alliances. Here are six steps to follow: STEP 1: Pick your audience Possibilities include senior centers, faith-based groups, social action committees, service clubs and political organizations. STEP 2: Pick your topic There are numerous facets about … Continue reading

California Healthline: The Bus Stops Here

by David Gorn On Thursday, Covered California officials announced they’ll board a tour bus Monday morning to barnstorm across the state to promote the launch of the exchange’s second open enrollment period that starts Nov. 15. Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee will be among those on the bus taking off from the Capitol steps in Sacramento … Continue reading

California DHCS Stakeholders Communications Update The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is pleased to provide this bimonthly update of important events and actions at the department. Each update will include information on upcoming meetings, presentations, notices, press announcements, solicitations for input or services, and more. Stakeholders and partners are urged to contact DHCS by … Continue reading

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